Saw mom

I was up early and had to take a piss, so I walked down the hall to the bathroom, passing by my parents' room. Their door was open, and my mom was crashed on the bed face down, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Her thicc ass and pussy were in plain view. Oh my, I'd never seen real pussy before. She looked so tasty.

Anyone else ever recall the first pussy they saw, even if they shouldn't?

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  • I had seen my Mum topless several times and she had beautiful tits with pink nipples.
    Then one summer when I was about twelve she was sleeping in a deck chair in the back garden in the sun wearing a short skirt. Her legs were open the crotch of her french knickers had fallen to the side to expose her open moist pussy.
    I will never forget the sight of her light brown pubic hair contrasted by the dark pink moist looking gash of her sex.
    This was the first time I saw a mature pussy and it is as vivid today in my head as it was forty years ago.

  • I never saw my mom nude but close when I was really young. She was putting on makeup, looking into the mirror in the bathroom, and I remember she was wearing a skirt and was topless. I had no concept of sexuality at that age, so it was no big deal, but I knew that boys and girls were different at that point. I'll never forget what my mom's tits looked like back then.

  • Saw mom one time, when I was in my teens and she was 47. I walked into the bathroom to take a leak, and door wasn't locked. She was in the tub. The funny thing is that she covered up her boobs with her arms and told me to get out, but I was more into looking at those lips down below. She shaved so I saw a lot down there. She was beautiful.

  • I've seen my mom naked a few times, but mostly in her short nightgown and panties. I can see her tits and nipples poking out nicely. Even though she's my mom, I'd still like to fuck her body.

  • I never actually saw my mom's pussy, just her brown pubic triangle, but that was still hot. Her tits are what really turn my on. They're not huge, but nice and round, perky, and her nipples are almost always hard. I found some pics of her topless and now I want to fuck her so bad!

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