Truck stop wife banging

Two years ago my wife and die we’re at a pilot truckstop. We had dinner and my wife was wearing a short Skirt with no panties. Her blouse was white and she was not wearing a bra. Truckers kept looking at her nipples that were plain to see. After we finished with dinner we left the restaurant. While my wife was walking out all the men were watching her nice ass wiggle underneath her tight skirt. We then walked to our car that was parked by some trucks. At this time my wife had me lean back against our hood and pulled my pants down and began to suck my d..k. It was very hot.!! Finally when I could not take it any longer I turned her around and buried my d..k into her tight puss and began to pound her. About that time a trucker was walking towards us and could see the whole thing. At that moment I filled her full with my hot cum..

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  • My boyfriend used to take me on long hauls. We’d play strangers. People thought I was a lizard. I’d go in, wearing something slutty, my tits peeking out the bottom of my crop top, I’d laugh and raise my arm and expose a nipple. Oh haha oops. Then my boyfriend would come in, pretend to pick me up. I’d go crazy over him like he was the hottest man on earth. We’d fuck against the rig or real loud inside. I still have that crop top.

  • That's hot would love to fuck my girlfriend in public. I did that too pretend to pick her up in a bar. One day I had her walk through home depot with a long coat on and nothing understand. It made her hot because of some many men being around.

  • Truckers have seen and heard it all. He probably just thought she was another lot lizard. Did he ask you if you wanted to buy, or had any to sell, "smoking dope " ( weed, crack or ice ) or "snorting dope" ( meth, cocaine ) ? Both are hazards and helpers of the trade.

  • Years ago, I worked for an employment program, placing and training disabled clients on jobsites, one of which was a 76 Travel Center. I saw the lot lizards all the time. They didn't even try to hide what they were doing. When they'd come inside, or I'd take a walk around the big lot when my guy was working ok, I'd talk to some, and found most to be way-young, on their own, with no game plan for life, but also not stupid. One was actually a theater student, very cute and pretty, and I bought her early dinner one night. All she said about doing what she did "out there" was that it paid the bills, she was careful, and most drivers were nice guys who only wanted sex, then to go on on their way.

    As for regular travelers, I found many of those crazy and thinking the truck stop was theirs, while the trucker guys knew better, and would sometimes hit up the wives or girlfriends just so the guy would gas up or whatever and be out of there. Nothing like trucker guy from Pittsburgh telling the cutesy housewife that he "gets lonely out there, ya know? Maybe you can help?" to get Mr. and Mrs. I Think I Own This Place back on the highway. Fast.

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