I like older guys

Im 15 and i can not imagine ever being with a teenage boy. Since I was about 11 i started noticing men starting to stare at me and my boobs and ass but I never acted on these things until my brother's college friends came over and I let a 29 year old guy put his hand on my leg and kiss me secretly. I have always had a thing for older guys and i wish we had done something more that night. And I am like a pretty above average girl and have no problem dating teenage boys but I just can't enjoy any dates I ever go on with them. I always feel better around older guys.


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  • Text me we can talk

  • Have you considered older women as well? Plenty of us would love to give you a good time ;-)

  • I wish I could fuck your little 15 year old pussy and make you cum. I wish I knew more girls like you. That guy must be pretty lucky

  • Honestly girl you should flirt but dont get caught up. Mature cock is delicious and addicting and you could get yourself in a pretty little predicament

  • Tell me about it

  • Just keep in mind that anyone over 18 that you have sex with will be arrested, labeled a pedophile and placed on a sex offender list for the rest of his life, if he ever gets caught fucking you. You should stick with boys your own age, until you turn 18.

  • Your solution is simple. Wait a few more years. When you're of legal age, get a boyfriend your own age or older. Problem solved.

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