Older woman

I did some work for this woman who is in her sixties, she started really complimenting me a lot and made me a lunch everyday. I was not uncomfortable or anything and took it all as she was just looking for someone to talk to a lot. I finished up the work and then got a call from her a few days later asking me if I could come by her house when I finished up. She was a little vague about what she wanted but I went by her house later that afternoon.
After some talking about a few things she looked at me and told me that she was really nervous to ask me something. I just looked at her and said well just ask me, there cannot be something so embarrassing around her house for me to fix.
She finally came out with it and I just stood there for a second thinking, well I was wrong and there was nothing to fix. She asked me completely outright if I would have sex with her because she thought I was completely handsome and she really trusted me.
I was in my late thirties at that time and she was easily twenty five years older than me but all in all not in to bad of shape and she also had some pretty large boobs which is a big turn on for me. I told her I needed some clarification because there was no way I wanted a relationship with anyone at that time and I was surely not going to date a woman that much older than me. She told me she just wanted it to be sex and if I enjoyed it maybe a continuing thing where I just come over now and then and have sex. Now I have never met a woman who just wanted sex and I have also never turned down sex with any woman. I told if she could do this without attachment besides just being friends then I was okay with it, knowing fully that this would never work but maybe I would get a blow job out of it.
Well a few years later I am still going by her house at least every month and sometimes she sends me messages weekly asking if I have time to stop by after work. She sucks cock great, I could not ask for better and she really seems to love doing it. I have shown up at her house right from a job site and she will just have me drop my pants and she goes right to licking and sucking it.
It also turned out that her boobs are awesome, nice large nipples that get quite erect and are fun to lick and suck on, they are a bit saggy but she had this half cupped bra that she put on and it is amazing how great they look in it. She is not always up for intercourse but when she is her pussy is tight and grips my cock nicely, most of the time we have to use lube to do it but once I have gone in and out a few times she is good to go.
So not sure how long this is going to last but I saw this site and figured I would tell my story.

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