My husband wants me to cheat on him

I'm 32 yr old female, fairly pretty, little bit chunky, but not bad overall. I've been married to my husband for 8 years, we have one child.
Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate and testicle cancer, and had to have everything removed.
Well out of the blue the other day he tells my he would like more children. Well being shocked, I said thats kind of impossible with you being impotent. Thats when he really blew my mind. He said to go out and have sex with other men until I get pregnant.
I suggested going to a clinic and having artificial insemination done. But he said thats too expensive.
I love my husband and have never even thought of another man, let alone cheating on him with someone. But he is pretty persistent about it.
Have any of you other ladies out there, run into this situation?

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  • My husband was paralyzed for several years before I actually stepped out and cheated on him. Then he wanted kids, asked his brother to donate his sperm. But we saved the cash and just did it the old fashion way by having sex

  • Similar situation.I was 25 married 2 years my husband is 42.Hes sterile and wanted kids.I have a child from a previous relationship,so no problems with me.When I found out he couldn't have kids,we discussed options.Adoption is nice but I'm able to have kids.Sperm donor is pointless as you won't know what you're kid is gonna look like.Thats when he suggested something crazy.He said wouldn't it be nice if our kids where fully biologically related?WTF!He wanted me to get impregnated by my ex.He convinced me it would be the best thing to do.I instantly thought of sex with my ex,he was younger,stronger and bigger,if my husband insisted,then I might as well enjoy it.There were 2 ways to go about it.Even though he had nothing to do with our previous child,ask him as a favour or just hook up with him and get him into bed.Anyone care to guess which we went for?

  • My husband had a very over active sex life. That is until he had a similar situation with a bought if cancer. So after a year's worth of surgery, healing, Chemo, healing, radiation, healing, and more Chemo, and healing he was cancer free. However it left him impotent and unable to get an erection. No matter what we tried. ED Pills. injections, even herbal remedies, nothing worked. Over the next two years of the only sex we had was my husband performing oral sex on me, and a few cold latex rubber play toys.
    But never once during this entire time did I ever think about cheating on my husband. Until my husband brought up the matter. I'll tell you what, after listening to what my husband to say about how it was okay for me to have an affair with someone. Was sounding like a pretty darn good idea.
    However after discussing this idea with one of my girlfriends. She strongly recommended against it, said it would end up causing regrets between my husband and myself.
    So at this point in time I'm staying true to my husband. Maybe sometime in the future we might discuss a threesome, I don't know.

  • If your child is a boy, you can wait a few years till he is sexually mature and then let him knock you up. It will keep your husbands genetic line intact in your children.

  • NO, HELL NO!!!! Thats just wrong. I'd fuck his brother first, I'd even screw my husband's 92 year old dad first, before I would ever think of doing anything with my child. You are a sick and deranged person.

  • I am a man so, no. The sex part is great and it is awesome he wants you to have a fulfilling sex life. I would take him up on it. You still love each other but it's like going to the gym - you are just scratching an itch. You can tell him all about it when you get home as he touches and kisses you. The pregnancy thing is difficult as 50% of the genetics will be from an unknown entity so I would really really need to know the guy well beforehand so there are no weird behavioral/genetic/medical traits in his history (my sensible side talking).

  • Go for it! I’m married to a woman that’s not that sexual. I’ve offered for her to do pretty much anything she wants, and she just isn’t interested.

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