Caught my wife...

My 50-something wife Fran is in incredible shape. Whenever people find out how old she is, they're blown away, because they thought she was in her late 30s-early 40s TOPS. She's a long-legged brunette, with a thick mane of wavy hair cascading just past her shoulders and big brown bedroom eyes. Beautiful heart-shaped ass with a long, deep, well-defined buttcrack. Full brunette bush that she keeps well-groomed. No tattoos. No piercings other than her ears.

Fran doesn't have a lot "topside" but her legs are what catches every man's eye. She's been an avid "power walker" for years, combined with yoga and stretching exercises that keep her body extremely well-toned. When it's hot outside, she'll disappear on one of her 60-90 minute walks wearing only a tank top, shorts that barely cover her ass, and walking shoes. No panties or socks because these supposedly make her sweat more. At least that was her story until I discovered what she's really been up to...

Just outside of our subdivision...a short 10-minute walk from our house along a main a local power station surrounded by woods and a small creek. One day last summer I decided to surprise Fran by coming home from work early. As I was coming down the main road leading to our subdivision, I saw Fran up ahead out for one of her walks. I was going to drive past her and honk until I saw her duck into the woods near the power station.

This was definitely odd.

I pulled into another subdivision across the street from the power station and parked my car. I entered the woods at the spot where I'd seen Fran go in. I followed a small footpath deep into the woods with no sign of my wife. I was about to turn around and head back to my car when I saw her...walking through the woods on the other side of the creek.

She was totally naked, and she hadn't seen me.

I found her clothes in a small pile a little farther down the footpath, near a narrow in the creek that was shallow with some nice stepping stones. Obviously this is where she crossed the creek which otherwise was wide and about waist deep.

Rather than go after her and confront her, I had a different idea. I retreated back in the woods and stripped naked, hiding my clothes behind a tree. Needless to say my cock was THROBBING over what I'd just seen.

After what seemed like forever, Fran finally emerged from the woods to cross back over the creek to where she'd left her clothes. I watched her from behind my tree gently stroking myself. Her firm body. Her 36B tits. Her round hips, Her neatly trimmed bush. Her muscular thighs.

Yes, we fucked out there that day. And, unbeknownst to our neighbors, we've been out there a LOT ever since.

It's no longer Fran's secret. It's ours.

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  • That great love to fuck outside.

  • To continue this story....

    I watched Fran gingerly navigate the stepping stones across the creek towards the spot on the other side where she'd left her clothes. But she didn't get dressed right away. Instead, she raised her arms over her head and looked up at the sky, basking in the glow of her sun-drenched nudity. She lowered her arms across her breasts, caressing them. Her nipples were puffy. So engorged! I'd never seen them so full. She lowered herself into a squat and began fingering herself until she collapsed onto the ground in shuddering orgasm. She arched her back and thrust her hips upward, saying "fuck me" over and over and over again, louder each time.

    When she opened her eyes, I was towering over her, stroking my hard cock.

    Startled, she jumped to her feet and tried to explain. I told her that I didn't care who she was fantasizing about. I told to get down onto her hands and knees and to do as she was told.

    I've always enjoyed fucking Fran doggy-style, but this time was extra special. I yanked on her hair and slapped her buttocks HARD until they were red with my palm prints. She deserved this, and she knew it.

    And she loved it.

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