Sucked another guy

I am not sure why but for the last several years I have enjoyed giving guys blow jobs, most have told me that it has been the best one of their lives. I think it is mostly because I do not do it often so when I actually get a guy to meet up with me I suck him for quite some time usually giving him two orgasms. If you're like me it is rare that you get that done to you by your partner because in my experience all of my female partners have stopped after my first one.
I keep right on sucking for sometimes twenty or thirty minutes and guys love it, the second orgasm is much more intense and most have had one in about ten minutes or so. The last guy I sucked though had some long staying power and even his first one took quite some time and he was pretty sensitive afterwards but let me keep going on to his second one some twenty or so minutes later. He told me it felt like the head of his cock was electrified because it was tingling so much from all the sucking.
I gave a guy a blow job last year that came in like three minutes, he was pretty honest with me when he showed up and told me that he had not had a blow job in over a year and was pretty excited. After his first orgasm he was staring down at me and was surprised that I continued to suck on him. About ten minutes later he was arching his back and telling me that he had never experienced such a strong orgasm. He told me to definitely email him if I am ever back in town and want to suck him again.

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  • Where are you I could use a good bj

  • The feeling of a soft limp cock in your mouth. The pleasure of watching it grow. The reward of making his cock hard as a rock and erupting a huge load minutes later is the best feeling

  • My wife refuses to give head so I go to a neighbor's house and he loves doing it. Then I started sucking his dick too. First time he came in my mouth I knew I was hooked.

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