Something I wanna get off my chest.

First of all, I love dog sex. I will watch or participate in pretty much any depraved shit the dog is willing to do, preferably stuff that gets his rocks off while leaving him in control of his human or in a dominant position. I've sucked his cock, taken him up my ass and stuck my face in the stream while he pisses, all fun and hot as fuck, 10/10, would highly recommend. However, I've also licked his asshole a few times, and I have to say, just based on my experiences with this, there are too many "professionals" who don't know how to do this in a way that the dog will enjoy it. My dog knows if he's not crazy about something or if I'm doing it wrong, he knows how to let me know and I'll stop. The first time I licked his asshole, I wasn't doing it right and he told me. I know what it looks like when a dog isn't enjoying having his butt licked, and a lot of the dogs I've seen in videos just aren't. Protip, if she doesn't have his cock hard and cumming in one hand, he's not enjoying that rimjob. He's maybe been trained to sit still for it but that's about it. When I'm giving him a handjob is the ONLY time he likes anal penetration. Then, he can't get enough of it.

Aug 7
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