Chest sitting turn on

Love it when a women or girl in very short shorts is sitting on my chest looking down at me and squezzing my face between thear soft sexy looking thighs i could let a hot sexy looking girl sit on me all day long love the felling on getting sat on the longer the better would love to hear from any women on hear that would sit on my chest and squezze my face between thear thighs

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  • I could speend all day and hrs at a time with a hot sexy girl with sexy looking thighs sitting on my chest i get so wildy turned on when a women is sitting on me its one of my favert turn on wish thear was a women on hear that i could talk to about sitting on me love it when my face is between thear soft sexy looking thighs

  • It is hot..My hot older sister and I were messing around on the queen-sized bed one night at a hotel we stayed at, got into a physical, legs over yours, wrestling type thing, and she ended up on top of me (like I refused), with her dancer's, athletic thighs on each side of my face. She joked that, when she was a cheerleader, they'd do this, but "close our legs tight and squeeze the other person's face" and said she'd do it to me if I didn't give up and we went to bed.

    I declined to give up, mostly because I loved having her firm thighs and legs on my like that, and, if she squeezed, my face would be right up in her thong-pantied mound. She did it to me, and, while it did push my face in a little, I was also dead-center on top of her mound with my mouth, gnawing at her and telling her to pull her thong down so I could get what I wanted. She raised up, pulled her thong down, and went at squeezing my face harder, pushing my mouth and tongue into her hole with nowhere else to go. We had tons of fun with it, and I ate her out for a good 20 minutes. We've gotten our own hotel room, alone, many times just for this reason. So she could squeeze her firm thighs on me and I eat her out until she sighs and screams.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls. lies lies.

  • Better yet, she could sit on your face and fart.

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