Public masturbation, somewhat

One of my favorite things to do while masturbating is taste my pre cum. I love it! When I eventually cum I rub my cum all over my face. One time I was masturbating in a public bathroom stall and walked through a shopping mall with my dried cum on my face. I could feel it harden but nobody notice (or said anything)

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  • I got caught wanking in a park by a cop, he said unless I sucked him off he’d arrest me. So yes I sucked him off, then he knew where I lived and would show up and demand a blew job. I turned into his little bitch and within two months he’s fucking my ass deep and cumming inside me.

  • Why do you have to post fake bull shit? No cop is gonna risk his job and his social standing for a blow job from a sorry ass like you. When there are thousands of you queer fucks around.

  • Lots of closet bi cops out there...lots of them getting blow jobs from men they find cruising parks and woods.

  • Thats right there is a lot of gay men hanging around parks and restrooms. So why risk his job and reputation by forcing someone to do it when he can go to the gay spot and get it for free and be discrete about it when he is off duty.

  • My room is in the ground floor facing a lane frequented by neighboring older people at noon, mostly for shopping. I sit by the window in a way so that my head is hidden aside and start to wank my hard cock when an older woman walk through the lane. Many would stop for sometime, watch the show and leave if someone was nearby. She would do the same. Some would stay longer to watch me ejaculate!!

  • I can see him masturbating from my slightly open bathroom window. When he does it I rub my pussy, fingering and stroke my clit when he is about to eject his semen. I orgasm almost at the same time!! Great feeling!

  • My Exfiancé liked to cum on my face then take me shopping.

  • A little wearied but if you like it then have fun..

  • Does it clear up your blemishes?

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