Hairy Girls are the vest

When I was a kid and saw a Playboy magazine all I can remember is being mesmerized by the hairy pussies. The thick dark bushes really got my young cocks attention. Ever since then I’m consumed with hairy pussy. I loved the shots of the girls on all fours where you could see if they had hairy assholes too. If they did , I would jerk off all over the pictures , aiming my jizz at the tight hairy holes. Luckily I’ve been with women that didn’t shave and the sight of their furry cunts always gets me rock hard.

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  • Hairy vagina is such a turn on. I love to fuck way wife doggy and watch my big cock disappear in her hairy cunt. Also, a hairy pussy retains her horny smell much better than shaved.

  • Ah yes, the smell of hairy pussy! Mmm!

  • I was a teenager in the late seventies, when shaved pussy was almost unheard of. Nowadays, 95% of women I have been with are clean shaven, or at least closely trimmed. Not sure which I prefer, I just love pussy, shaved or not.

  • I totally agree. We live in a colder climate. So from the time my wife packs her bikini way, sometime around the end of August, till she brings it back out in June. She packs her razor away with it. Understand my wife is Italian with heavy thick black hair. So arm pitts, pussy, ass, and legs never see a razor during cold months. I love it, the hairy she gets, the more sex we have. By the time bikini season starts again we will be having sex 3 to 4 times a day. I love for her not to shave all summer long, and wear her skimpy bikini.

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