Do any woman out there masturbate when driving or in the car. If so like to hear.

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  • I do sometimes. I love to pull my panties aside (or even better, ditch them entirely) and tease myself while other drivers pass me. It's so hot knowing that I could get caught at any minute. I get so wet every time

  • I m a man and I like to pull my pants down to my thighs and jerk off. Or just drive around. I’m in a hummer so I’m up high. I like pulling up next to a women driving it turns me on. I wish I could take them all off. Thanks for sharing your story it was hot.

  • Yes I have done this, I used to have an HR drive to work and it was so boring, one day I got curious to know if it was possible, and it was so then I wanted to know if I could reach orgasm, and after choosing the right stretch of road (no junctions and pretty straight) I did it. It became a bit of a habit and I did it every Friday, and a few time I got really horny.
    I liked the naughtiness of knowing I was turning up to work with cummy panties lol
    Em x

  • That's hot

  • Your welcome. Do you so it as a man? I'm guessing more difficult without getting it out, and may me more liquid 😉 Em x

  • Yes at night I like to pull my pants down to my ankles and jerk off. Or sometimes just drive around. I like to pull up to women and look at them

  • I very much do it in secret, I often wear skirt suits to work so I can get a hand up as I drive, and remove it if anyone might see. At work I can go right in to a business meeting and no one will know I have had an orgasm on the way in. I usually check my panties in the bathroom pretty soon after arriving, and if they are not still wet there will be a tide mark showing how wet the got. I don't see how you can drive with your pants round your ankles, sounds dangerous, you should maybe keep them on and just spunk in your underwear, I'm sure they would soak it up. Em xxx

  • I also like to have my girlfriend suck my cock when I'm driving

  • Me xxx. You should try wearing a butt plug up your ass when you go to work. That's would be so hot. Tell me if u do

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