Days at the Beach

I frequent a clothing optional beach about a hour from my house. I’ve been going there for more than 30 years. On a good weather day there can be upwards of 100 people out there - 99% of them naked.

When there are that many people you have to behave yourself, usually. Any kind of sexual activity is frowned upon. Occasionally you can get away with stroking your dick a little as long as you do it so only one consenting person can see you.

One day though there were 5 guys around me - all stroking their hard dicks. One African-American guy with this HUGE cock was stroking it with one hand and his other hand was fingering the ass of this older guy who was in the doggie position - they were on my right. On my left was a guy laying on his back stroking his dick. He had asked if he could watch me and this other dude play with each other. I said OK and he starting jerking away. I gave the other dude a hand job with my left hand while jerking myself off with my right hand. Everyone shot a load at some point during that encounter.

But the best encounters happened recently. In questionable weather, a lot fewer people show up at the beach but those that do generally want to engage in some sort of debauchery.

I like wearing cock rings these days. Being an older guy they help me get and stay hard. I have a orbital glans ring. In case you don’t know, these fit just below the head of your cock. Mine has silver balls around it’s sphere. I like how it feels - the balls pinch the underside of my penis just enough to stimulate it as I move. The weight of the ring keeps my cock elongated even when flaccid.

This particular day it was only in the upper 60’s and cloudy - which in itself wasn’t bad but the wind on the beach was a steady 20mph. I had put up a wind break and was laying close to it to block the wind. That made it tolerable enough even to get naked.

A guy came walking down the beach and stopped and made a comment about how windy it was and how nice my wind break was. He was staring at my cock with the glans ring on. He said his goodbyes and moved on. He parked himself on the beach behind and to my right. It seemed as though he wanted a view of my dick. So I obliged by stroking it to the point of total erection and then playing with it. I looked back and he was doing the same with his cock.

A few minutes went by and he got up and walked over to me. His dick was standing at attention. He asked if he could join me and I nodded. He sat down and started talking about how much he liked my big hard cock and how good it feels to walk down the beach with it standing straight out. He went on to say how he and his sister used to share some guys’s huge dick. I said almost nothing and let him babble while I took off my glans ring and started jerking. He started to jerk his cock faster and faster and I knew he was going to blow his load so I held out my hand. He came on my hand I used his jizz for lube for my cock. I stroked until I popped a load as well. We exchanged goodbyes and he went away.

Now skip ahead a couple of weeks. Back at the beach again. Weather a little better - temp in the 70’s and hardly any wind at all. So it was tolerable for those who didn’t want to get a sun tan.

I see a couple approach me. It was the same guy I encountered earlier but with a woman this time - both were naked. He stopped and we exchanged pleasantries. He introduced the woman as his sister. “This is guy I told you about with the great cock” he told her. “Really? Let’s see” she said. I stood up and my cock rose to the occasion. She reached out and grabbed it. “Ohh yeah. Nice cock. Do you mind if we sit and join you?”

They spread out a blanket and sat down and the woman immediately starts to finger her pussy. “I hope you don’t mind if I release. Your cock is helping me.” She said and she actually squirted with such a force that it doused my leg with her juice. “Oh sorry.” She said laughing. “I’ve been doing that all day.”

There were a few other people on the beach a ways down from us and she asked her brother to sit so that their view of us would be blocked. She then said “do you mind if I suck your cock?”. “Go for it” I said. It was probably the longest sentence I uttered during the two encounters. She proceeded to suck me - and suck me - and suck me - and suck me. I was about to blow my load and I said “here I cum” and I tried to pull out of her mouth but she held fast and I wound up blasting a load right into her cheeks. Her brother laid down on his back on the blanket and she leaned over him and let my cum run out of her mouth down to his. They were sharing my cum! She swallow part of my load and he swallowed what she shared with him. “Mmmm THAT was great” she said. “I love cum”. “Me too” her brother said.

We exchange a few more pleasantries while we cleaned ourselves up. They said goodbye and walked down the beach - probably looking for their next encounter.

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  • Yes it is truly the idiots like you that are getting the nude beaches shut down.

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