Mikes best man James.

As Mike and made plans for our wedding he told me then that he wanted a friend of his Jim to be his best man but he had to fly Out from Kansas.
We picked him up at the airport the night before our wedding and I was so excited about the next day I barely noticen him other than to shake his hand as we were introduced.
He would stay with us for a week watching our house while Mike and I ran up to Reno for a few days.
It was the morning of our wedding that I first looked into his eyes and I felt something right then and the look he returned to me made me gasp it was raw lust and I felt weak.
I knew then that I better watch out there was something defiantly between us we had to guard against.
After our ceremony he kissed me and I felt the tip of his tongue and I had to fight the urge to return it.
Thankfully that night Mike and I left for Reno and we had a room reserved at Circus Circus .
The next few days were filled with laughter and a lot of sex but sometimes when I was relaxing the image of James face with that look in his eyes would appear and I would feel restless.
We returned the night before I was to take Him to the Airport in Oakland for his flight back home and I had mixed feelings about being alone with him but Mike had to work. The next morning Mike was talking to Kim as they drank coffee and ate breakfast and Jim and I tried to avoid any eye contact because I knew that what I was feeling would show on my face I wanted this to be over with he lived hundreds of miles away and I would be safe.
Mike left for work and Jim's Flight was at 1134 so I busied myself making the beds and washing dishes but I was surprised as I looked into the reflected Image of Jim coming up behind me in the window.
I watched holding my breath I saw that look of raw hunger as I felt his arms circle my waist and he kissed the back of my Neck.
He said you know don't you? I saw it in your eyes as his hands cupped my breasts and pulled me back against him.
All thoughts of Mike vanished as I turned in his arms and welcomed him eagerly as we kissed and I felt his hands pulling my skirt up around my waist as I fumbled with the zipper of his pants freeing his hard cock.
I pulled my panty's to one side and we struggled he had to lift me up some to find my entrance then we were clawing at each other in a frenzy with his cock inside of me my feet were off the floor dancing wildly as he drove his cock into me in a frenzy then he grunted and said turn around and I did stepping up onto his instep as he drove his cock back into me he freed my breasts and cupped them in his hands and I watched his face in the mirrored glass in the window his teeth were bared in a snarl and I could hear our flesh slapping as we came together,
I came suddenly and my orgasm left me breathless them Jim let go of my breasts and grabbed my hips going HA HA HAAA HAAWWWW lifting my feet off the floor again ad he forcefully drove his dick into me and I could feel his hot sperm spurt inside of me .
He leld me there impaled on his cock for long seconds then he made a few more quick strokes and sighed and relaxed letting me back onto the floor.
Neither of us said a word as I guided him to mine and James bed then we fucked again.
Jim has been gone now for over a month and I knew within a couple weeks I was pregnant but It could be either Mikes or James baby but I will never tell. I hope I never see him again because I would be helpless if he ever comes to visit.


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  • I hope you let him fuck you anytime he wants.

  • Great stuff!

  • Love it.
    World must make more women like you

  • Get tested , your child deserves to know who his?her biological father is even if it causes you issues with your husband. Likewise he shouldn't be mislead into raising a child that isn't his because you let yourself get carried away with another man.

  • Why does the child "deserve" to know? It is a gift to be born. I have no idea who my biological father is... the man that raised, taught, nurtured and looked after me is my father, even if l am not from his seed.

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