Sexual thoughts of girls in my school

I’ve had sexual thoughts about girls in my school, especially after sports, id see their sports bra if their clothes are really wet. Sometimes I would masturbate to one of my classmates, whose ass i has slapped a few times by accident, but enjoyed it at the same time. I’d imagine myself pounding on one of my girl classmates, even though she’s short and I’m tall, I’d just imagine my dick pounding onto her ass and imagine her orgasm like hell yeah.

2.3 years ago

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    • How do you slap somebody's ass "by accident?" When I was in college, I was at a party back in the home town over summer break where a girl I lusted after in high school (just like you're doing now) was sitting on a barstool in my friend's basement. She had an incredibly hot ass and had worn a mini-skirt to the party showing off her long legs. Her name was Robin.

      Needless to say I was a little drunk (everybody was), and when I saw Robin sitting on the bar stool with her elbows on the bar, her back arched, and her beautiful heart-shaped ass hanging off the back of the bar stool in her tight mini-skirt...well, I couldn't help myself. I walked up to her and said hello, slapping her on the ass about as hard as I could.

      It turned out to be the best pick-up move I ever made. Turns out Robin liked things rough. We ended up back in my apartment after swinging by the local Home Depot to pick up some duct tape and rope.

      Robin liked to be "restrained" while being fucked.

      And she definitely liked being spanked. She told me that when I slapped her at the party, it made her instantly wet. So much so that she soaked through her panties onto the barstool.

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