Adventures in cuckolding

I came awake slowly I was having a very erotic dream and my sex was in overdrive then I realized that I was actually not dreaming as Jess was slowly fingering me and I smiled still half asleep and then he was pushing my legs apart and I laughed softly running my fingers through his hair as his mouth moved between my thighs and I could feel his hot breath on my wide open vagina. Jess is a very talented guy at giving head .
The room was dark with only the bathroom night light on as He gently licked the folds of my pussy and again I laughed a little breathlessly and I sensed him raise above me and I saw his shadowy outline as his arms moved out to the sides of my shoulders and I felt his hard cock against my thigh so I took him in my hand and I guided him into me enjoying the sensation of his cock head opening me up then I was fully awake this was not Jess and we were up at Reno It was and I couldn't remember the guys name now but his cock was in me and it felt wonderful .
My arm reached out feeling around and sure enough Jess was beside f us asleep I thought as I could hear his even breathing.
I was completely naked as he laid dpown on me crushing my breasts flat against his chest and I felt his hot breath against y cheek and neck and I could hear breathing in my ear as his body moved in between my legs.
For some reason it seamed to me that I should remember his name but it deluded me as my body began to respond to his.
I don't now how long this had bee going on but now his breathing had became hash as he thrust into me and I felt his balls slapping against my ass I vaguely felt my orgasm building inside of me and It seamed important for me to remember his name now it was different Christ what was it Darryl ,Duke ,Danny, Of fuck what was it then My orgasm claimed me and I held him tight with my arms and legs as I came his cock probing inside of me and then Dustin it was Dustin and I felt very proud of myself as he came to grunting in my ear as his body jerked and convulsed as he came inside of me.
I bgan to laugh softly now proud that I remembered who he was.

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  • It's wonderful isn't it. Being fucked by a total stranger. My husband and I used to have a wonderful and very active sex life. For every year of our marriage, we had at least 4 to 6 times a week. Well about 3 years ago my husband became ill, and had to have surgery. He was diagnosed with prostrate and testicles cancer. They had to remove his prostate, testicles, this left my poor husband completely unable to get an erection. We tried all of the pills, herbal remedies, massages, and injection, nothing worked. My husband never gave up trying to satisfy me. Using my play toys and his tongue he always managed to get me off. However over time he seemed to lose his drive for sex of any type. Until one weekend, when I returned home from a night out with the "Girls", I thought he was sleeping. I just got undressed and slid into bed. Without warning he slid under the covers and between my legs, and started licking my pussy finding the creampie left there by a young college boy from the bar. My husband didn't say anything just lapped it all up, bringing my to one earth shatering orgasim. Then rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning we talked about it, my husband said he was fine with it. Just don't bring the other guys home, just bring home the creampie for him to clean up. Doing this has d brought back some of my husbands sex drive, and has renewed mysex life.

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