Aunt and Nephew

Hello. I've recently found this site and want to express to everyone how great it is to have something like this. Although it is for confession I'm not looking to get something off my chest for the sake of being forgiven or anything but more to just share what I see now from being on this site is more common than I thought.
We always had a fun relationship and I was the cool aunt. I would spend weekends over at my sister's house and was around quite a bit swimming or doing other things.
My brother in laws brother died and they had to travel to Puerto Rico. They asked if I could stay with Jimmy and I of course did. Well as you can imagine, we were out swimming and horsing around. I admit I probably wore a bikini that showed too much, that I wouldn't have worn had his parents been there. But I did. Well as we splashed and jumped around we were getting close. Well to speed things up, after eating some sandwiches Jimmy went to the bathroom. I was cleaning up some stuff and as I was outside I walked past the bathroom window. I could see between the blinds that he was jacking off. I watched for a few seconds, what seemed like minutes, while he jerked his manhood. I was so into watching him that I didn't notice he had turned and was staring at me with this horrified look on his face. I quickly walked away and went on picking stuff up.
When he came out he was super embarrassed and went to his room. I walked in and knocked on his door and he let me in. I sat on his bed and told him he shouldn't be embarrassed and boys his age do that. We talked and he started to smile again. I asked him what got him turned on. He admitted it was me and it wasn't the first time. He said my boobs were very nice as well as the rest of my body. I am busty. I asked if he'd ever felt a breast and he said no. Well I told him he could if he didn't tell. He felt, and then I took my top off and let him feel more. I noticed his cock was getting hard. Impressive cock for his age. I started stroking it for him. we stripped down and I got in bed with him. I'm sure you can imagine the rest and we had a great week. We have continued as I'm sure you know. I am the cool Aunt for sure :) Thank you.


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  • Ur like older then him and supposed to be a good influence not a child predator

  • My uncle and I are in a similar situation, my aunt and my husband died together in a car crash from a drunk driver. As single parents with new born babies, we decided to combine our resources and move in together. And our love just grew from there. The family doesn't know, we have adjoining rooms, and everyone just believes we are too busy for a relationship

  • You slut, underage sex is illegal, you need a giant kick in the cunt

  • When did she say he was underage? And different countries and cultures have different so don't be a test!!

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  • Your obviously just a child molester as well, you should be jailed in an open prison where all the inmates know of your queer fetish, prick

  • There’s something hard to describe but incredibly amazing about a relationship like this. I also wrote something about it here recently. I’m pregnant with my nephew’s baby and we’re in love. We’ll keep it and start a family.

  • Ur kid will be deformed

  • Congratulations

  • How old were you both then ?

  • 15 and 35

  • Good for you. I used to have sex with my mother from the age of 16.

  • I'm glad you and your nephew are close. The best way to learn about sex is from family. How old is your nephew?

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