Gloryhole help

I'm male and live in a decent sized town. There are a handful of sex shops with gloryholes, and I've checked two of them out. I was hoping to get my dick sucked or fuck a hotwife type, but every time I've been there it's all been guys. No women. The last time I did let a guy blow me, and it was nice, but I'm really into women. I like pussy.

For those who frequent gloryholes in your area, is it mostly guys? I'm just curious.

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  • I'm staying in Central Florida at this time, and there are No gloryholes; sex toy shops, but no booths. I really miss them, so use what's available and have fun.

  • I feel your pain. I live in a city that has several adult theatre's, but only 3 of them have gloryhole booths. I'm a 26 year old female, that loves to suck cock and swollow cum. But I don’t always want to go through the hassel of dating some guy just to suck his dick. I like verity. Well one of these places doesn't allow females in the establishment at all. Another one I can go in the video rental, magazine area or clothing area. However I can get in the theatre if accompanied by a male. But not allowed at all in the gloryhole area. But the last place is pretty much the same, but I'm allowed to go into a gloryhole booth if I'm accompanied by a male. However we have to both use the same booth. Which is a real bummer, because what guy want to just stand there while I suck someone's cock. Plus not real fond of being watched while I do it either. I feel this is really unfair. I have only done this a few times, and have been asked to leave on one occasion because some guy complained about a woman sucking cock. Plus I have never seen another female in there either. If I owned a place like this I'd hire and pay young girls to man a couple booths. Just saying.

  • All guys, all the time. If you're seeking a woman's mouth on the other side of the hole, you may as well be looking for cherries in a Tijuana whorehouse. In fact, in my experience, on the very rare occasion you might see a woman in places with GH's, there's usually, a price attached.

  • Yes, all guys.

  • All guys...... hence the anonymous nature of the GH to begin with. They don't see you as you could be their neighbor or kids school teacher and you might be put off looking down at a dude.

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