Pick an Alter, Any Alter

I'm a retired businessman, divorced, and I live in south Florida. Almost twenty years ago I met a couple who had moved into my condo complex, and they were from the Midwest. He was a hairdresser who was a favorite of rich old ladies, and she was an artist, specifically, a doll-maker. She made dolls from a variety of materials, and was given a kiosk in a toy shop, and a small workspace. Visiting that shop, I found her work to be quite good, but, the styles wildly diverse. I asked her, " Did you make all of these ? " and she answered coyly, "Yes, me and whoever I am at that moment." I didn't know what she meant, but, didn't question her. In their condo, she used a spare bedroom as another workspace where she created darker, edgy stuff, figurines of famous porn stars, and serial killers. For the later she gave all of the proceeds to a victim's rights organization. They had me over for dinner, one evening, and she showed me some of her work, as well as works-in-progress. There was one of John Wayne Gacy, in his Pogo the Clown persona, and it was made of beads. It looked like a kid's toy, except for the large dildo in his hand. I commented on it, the mixed innocence, and sadistic intent, and she winced, and looked upset, frowning and saying in a boyish voice, " Yeah, well, he was just a faggot who killed little fag wannabes ! " I knew Gacy was gay, but, most of his victims just young teens who were straight. She seemed really angry, and I glanced at her husband who sort of gave me a sheepish look and shrugged. Later, I gave her a bracelet of antique ivory, and she said in a very childish voice, "It would make a nice necklace for a dollie !" and looked shy. I thought it odd, and meant to ask her husband about it. Even stranger was the afternoon I called her at her shop, and she answered in another language. It sounded Slavic, but, I didn't know. She hung up on me, and I hurried to her shop, and she claimed to not have a clue what I was talking about. " Nobody has been here but me ! "
I found out her husband identified as bisexual, as did I. We began a casual threesome relationship. She would give us both handjobs in the hot tub, and they both gave wonderful blowjobs. She didn't like her pussy touched, most of the time, even refusing our offers of cunnilingus. One night after one too many gin and tonics, her husband told me a secret while she had stepped out for more gin. " Carmen suffers from DID. " I had to ask what DID was. " Disassociative Image Disorder " I'd never heard of it, and he explained. " Several different characters, or, alters, inhabit her body and mind. So far we, her doctor and I, have identified four of them. There's Bobbie, a seven year old girl, Flo', a twenty-one year old party girl, Babuska, an older woman who speaks some eastern European gibberish, and Gary, a fourteen year old boy. " I told him about the phone call to her shop. "Babuska", he nodded. "We think she tries to protect Carmen, and the other alters, but, we don't know what she's saying. We think Bobbie is the one harboring all the abuse..." "The abuse ? " I asked. He nodded and said, "She was sexually abused by a grandparent when she was seven or eight. She only remembers part of it, and can't talk about it. " I asked if she ever gave him any pussy. " Very rarely, and I have to enter her from behind, and get it off pretty quick, or, she'll turn, and freak out." I asked about the handjobs and blowjobs. "That's Flo', the party girl. She'll do everything but fuck. " He looked sad and forlorn. I asked about Gary. " Oh, really angry kid, probably a manifestation of the rage inside her. He's racist, sexist, and sadistic. We had planned a love-making session one anniversary, and as Carmen, she's loving and all kissy face. I wanted Flo', but, it's not like you can call them up. I'm in bed, waiting, big raging boner, and she comes out with her hair slicked back, wearing a strap on. I don't allow any anal on myself, and laughed at her hair. She flew into a rage, piled on the bed, and punched me in the nose. " No, I'm gonna fuck you, you faggot bitch, " and tried to flip me over and bugger me ! " She had changed into Gary. It went badly, as it often does ! " I thought it was the most elaborate bullshit I'd ever heard. Carmen returned with gin, and we got drunker and decided to go back to their condo and have a threesome. He was hoping for Flo', I told myself I wanted Gary to show up. As it was, Babuska makes an appearance, and indicates in her foreign guttural growl she doesn't want to engage. He asks if she minded if he and I had sex. She just glowered, then, Carmen returned, and she consented. So he and I undressed, made out, jacked each other, then got into a sixty-nine. As we're sucking away, she laughs and barks out, " Oh, look at you fucking fags ! Sucking each other's cocks ! " It was Gary, as I had hoped, and I asked, "Want to join us, Gary ? " Her husband gave me a strickened look, but, she responded, " Hell yeah ! ", and left the room. I lubed up for some anal, and he pulled on a condom. He was plowing me as she returned wearing her strap on, with her hair slicked back. She told him, " Hurry up and shoot your little load, and let me at it ! " He finished up and pulled out, and she took his place immediately. He caressed her large breasts and she protested, " Hands off, faggot ! ". She entered me roughly and slammed away, hands gripping my hips so hard she left scratches. It was painful, and I cried out which thrilled her even more. " Fuck yeah, HURT you motherfucker ! " she growled. He had gone to the bathroom, leaving us alone. She withdrew, momentarily, and disappeared, telling me, " Stay put, faggot ! " I wasn't looking as she returned, and I felt her re-entering me. It seemed to go deeper, and I heard him say, " Carmen...no, Gary, DON'T ! " She was penetrating me with a broom handle, and he stopped her. " I want to stick it in until it comes out of his fucking mouth ! " We prudently stopped the scene. Gary was in a rage, and cursed us vehemently. Then "he" went to the bathroom to vomit.
Over brunch the next day, hungover and remorseful, we decided to not engage in anymore threesomes until she got more help. Almost on cue, Flo' arrives, orders mimosas all around, and wanted to suck us off. We politely demurred, as I would from that point onward.
We are still good friends, but, they moved back to the Midwest. They also got religion, which gained them the community they always wanted. Don't we all ?


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  • My ex wife had what I always thought of as an alter ego. She was very straight laced until she had a very drinks in her . I remember one night after being at a party and her drinking mixed drinks and shots. She walked up to me and told me she wanted to fuck the guy standing by the fireplace . She stood there talking about this guy to me like I was just her friend and not her husband. She got very detailed in what she was going to do with him if she could get him in bed. I kind of got distracted by a friend and lost site of her for a while eventually catching up to her and leaving the party. In the car on the way home she was like a giddy school girl asking me if I wanted to hear a secret. I of course wanted to hear it as I thought the way she was acting was funny. She then starts telling me how she met a guy at the party and while her husband (me) was of talking to friends she snuck off with this guy to the basement and sucked his cock then let him fuck her while she leaned over an old chair. I thought she was just playing a weird game until we got home and we got in bed. I started playing with her and she told me she would blow me but didn't want to fuck me after having just been fucked by the other guy. For some reason I put up with this for 5 years her fucking or sucking another guy off while black out drunk. We finally divorced after I got woken up one night after she had been out with her best friend . I went down stairs thinking she was to drunk to make it up the steps only to find her in our den getting fucked by some guy who brought her home. When I walked in I was like WTF and she looked up drunkenly slurred come here and let Katie suck your cock, Her name was Janet. I guess Katie was who she called herself when she got fucked up.

  • Mental illness has many faces . It is sometimes scary , fun ,or sad but most times it is fascinating to say the least.

  • Wow. Just... wow.

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