My wife and I have an abortion fetish

She gets pregnant on purpose just so that she can have an abortion. So far, we have terminated 8 pregnancies. Every time she has an abortion, we celebrate it with hot sex. It turns us on so badly.

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  • My wife is into fucking black men. She has become pregnant twice and she aborted them twice. This was a big decision for both of us. Very disturbing to say the least. It was not something the either of us wanted to do. Had a white guy knocked her up we would have kept the child. The only reason we aborted the black child was because the whole world would know about our lifestyle. So sad.

  • Reading between the lines it appears like a lot of men have knocked up your old lady. Why else would you have 8 abortions?

  • While I'm sure the OP is hoping to get a bunch of angry comments from pro lifers I think whether you are pro life or pro choice abortion is a serious subject and should be treated that way.

  • Hot, but the ultimate is to let her give birth and then kill the newborn baby as soon as it starts to cry. That's what most liberal Demoncrats do for fun.

  • It's just troll bait folks

  • This is just fucked up

  • This is going to take a toll on her body.

  • As a breeder I find this very disturbing

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