Took Advantage Of His Politeness

I'm a single old mature lady that's greatly out of shape living alone. I like to get stimulated now and then, I use toys when I go on the internet. Some of the stories on this site stimulate me. Hopefully my story will stimulate someone.
I met this guy at a dance hall. He recently lost his job. His politeness attracted me. I had repairs that I needed around my house and offered to pay him to help him along. Begged him to help this old gal that needed a sort of handyman without paying the professional wages. On the dance floor I pulled him into me and held him hard. He asked me where I lived so he could decide to help me or not. I gave him a date to come over so I could point out what I needed done. He agreed to help me.
He was a hard worker and I felt guilty of what I was paying him. I saw him looking at my big breasts that rested on the table when I made lunch for him. I began touching his private area and kiss him as he left. I decided to expose my cleavage at the table when we ate lunch together and feel his privates. "I hope I'm not being too open to you but you need a little more than what I'm paying you." and smiled. He told me he liked the attention but I really didn't turn him on.
Then I did one step more. I pulled out and rested my bare tits on the table and played with them. He seemed to enjoy watching. "To tell the truth I want to pay you with a special bonus. " I said to him as I stood next to him telling him so he could touch them. He said he wanted to but it wasn't proper of him. I shoved them in his face and put my hand in the zipper opening of his pants. "I want to pay you in a very naughty way . " and went down on him holding my tits up as I blew him making his soft penis hard. "I have one more job that needs to done at my house. Please me! "
I led him into the bedroom exposing my bare body with my hanging tits on my big belly while I made him remove his clothes to admire what he had between his legs. "This old gal needs some real man action! " as I flopped on the bed holding my legs apart telling him to get me wet for him. He began to finger my kitty and play with the clit and I let him suck on my swollen nipples until I was wet there. He guided his dick in me. He was able to hit my G-spot. I let go of my legs and wrapped my arms around him. "Please this lonely old gal good! " as I pushed into him.
I began to call and beg him for his company. I tell him what I want done to me and where in the house when we get together. He politely goes with my wishes. "You're really an old slut." I convinced him to cam with me.

4 months ago


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    • Damn. I'm driving up the east coast in a few weeks, and wish I could meet someone like you.

    • Please tell me more...

    • Wow, love this. Thanks for sharing. If my aunt did this to me I’d be fucking happy

    • I’m extremely stimulated by your story and would love to hear more. I’d like to apply to be your handyman as I’d love to be handy with your mature body and big breasts. I want you so bad I can taste you - and I want to taste you so bad .... every delicious inch of you. is my email.
      I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    • My wife Emma and I both had flings. We sort of brag about it. Just don't get in embarrassing affairs. In 40 years she had 2 flings. Are there any more, i asked. She said sorta. 40 years ago we were building a house. We had a construction loan and paying rent. The builder sold more homes in our development then could build on time. He was 4 months late. The house just sat there under roof. Houses later than ours were being worked on. All of a sudden ours jumped to the front of the line. A crew of 6 worked full time on it. It was done in a month. Emma: I stopped by and gave the builder (Bill) a blowjob in the sample home. I told him I'd randomly stop by 2x a week. if the crew was working on our house I'd give another blowjob. I gave him 8. Bill liked my blowjobs.
      Her BJs saved us big bucks. We were only married a year. I would have been pissed.

    • I’m one of Emma’s ‘sort of’s’ .....
      What a mouth!!

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