Wearing pantyhose

For some reason I like wearing black pantyhose and panties. I don’t we’re this came from but I like the way I look and the way they feel. Sometimes I cut the seam in the back so my ass is exposed. I only been with one woman that I asked her it I could wear her pantyhose and she was fine with it. She actually said I looked hot. What’s up with that is it normal.

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  • Years ago I loved wear pantyhose but moved away onto sexy panties, bras, nighties and eventually full on cross dressing, your post has inspired me to buy some and try again the moment I had them fully on I had already precum, my wife thought it was funny but loved it, at the same time I purchased some very strong springed cloths pegs for my wife to put on my nipples while cuffed behind, it did not take long and I was begging for them to be removed but because it made my precum more she insisted they stay on for 15 minutes, great.
    Thank you

  • I am like you...I love wearing ladies nylon brief panties, and control top panty hose. Typically I also wear a high waist firm control panty, and a short half slip under my Jean's or a pair of shorts. Last summer I loved going to Wal-Mart wearing all my lingerie under a pair of shorts. As i did my shopping, sometimes women would glance at me and smile as if to acknowledge that they knew i was wearing ladies underwear. I am trying to get the courage to wear either my black pantyhose, or a pair of my wine red tights under my shorts so EVERYONE could see that I am wearing ladies underwear. I love the feel of my pantyhose over my panties, and often wear both to bed.

  • Wow that’s sexy u must look hot. Would love to see you in your lingerie.

  • How would i show you photos. I'd love to meet another panty/pantyhose wearing guy.

  • Send me your pictures at Drrfiretto@gmail.com

  • Send me your number. I would love to jerk off looking at u.

  • What else would you like to do other than jack off to looking at my pictures. Do you prefer my black stockings or wine red tights. I really love dressing up and wearing ladies underwear 24/7.

  • I would like to see u in red. I would love to look at the pictures and jerk off. Or face time u and have u pose for me and tease me with your ass. Bend over and spread your asshole open.

  • I love wearing them under my jeans and go out with them on. I wear western boots so no one can see them. I love hanging around the house in black pantyhose and a black tight shirt. I cut the back open to expose my ass. I like to take pictures of myself in pantyhose. I think I look good. I would like to post them put I don’t know how. Any advice?

  • U Tube has lots of videos of guys either dressed up in lingerie or in female clothes. I would love to see a video of you walking around in your pantyhose and boots with your hard penis standing straight out like a tent pole in the front of your pantyhose. That would be so hot. I'm rubbing myself thru all my lingerie and my red tights just thinking about it.

  • So are you going to give yourself a nice wank to have a big cum, I would really like thinking about that

  • Actually I'd rather you give me a good wank till i make the front of my lingerie and red tights all wet with my cum.

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