Pleased my 1st black man.

I'm a 31 year old white female who is a single mom of 2 children. Divorced my husband a year ago. I havent seen another man since my husband.
Until I took my car to the auto shop to get work done. I sat in the waiting room for a bit until short time later a heavy set black man walked in. He sat a chair away from me. Minutes after sitting down he started a conversation with me. found out he is an Uber driver and is 39 years old. We talked for over an hour until my car was finally ready. Before I left he asked me for my number. We exchanged numbers.
2 days later he texted me and we chatted for a few days. He asked if I was free the weekend I said yes the kids go to their dads on the weekend. So we arrange to meet up at my place Saturday.
Saturday night he came over, we ate dinner I made for both of us. We sat on sofa and had a few drinks and chatted. We eventually started kissing, lots of passionated kissing. It was very exciting, making me very wet. Its been long time since a man touched me or kissed me. We slowly removed clothes till we were down to nothing. I started stroking his dick. It wasnt very big, maybe 6 or 7 Inchs total but it was very fat/thick his dick. We continued to kiss as I stroked him. I slowly slid down and started sucking his dick. Since he got a very thick dick it was a lot but I managed to get his whole dick in my mouth and was deep throating. He was moaning really loud and loving it. We moved things to my bedroom. I laid on the bed and he started eating me out. Drove me wild. He laid back down and I started sucking him off again.
Shortly there after I hopped on his dick and started riding it. He stretched me out good, especially since it has been along time for me sex wise. I orgasm with in minutes of riding him. Also I think what helped me orgasm so hard first time was not only first time with a man in over a year but first time being with a black man and skin contrast between the two of us. Plus he was enjoying our time together as well by moaning so much.
We switched position to doggy style he gets his dick in and starts pounding away. Slapping my ass. Such a turn on with that loud clapping sound every time he thrusts.
He pulls out for a few mins and does something I never experienced before this black man starts eating my ass. It felt really odd. But I just went with it. He did it only for a few mins before putting his dick back in my pussy and thrusting away.
I orgasm again. He keeps thrusting away really fast, he places his hands on my shoulders to get in really deep with his thrusts. He starts to breath really loud and lot moans. Then suddenly he shouts he is going to cum. I tell him yes , I want you to cum, cum inside my pussy.
He tenses up and cums really deep inside me. It felt so amazing.
It was great to see how pleased he was as well after sex.

We would go on for a few months every Saturday meeting up and having sex. Before we mutually went our separate ways.

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  • I had a similar experience with a neighbor, I noticed when he moved in but we never really crossed paths daily. One morning my car would not start and it turned out I needed a new battery. He was so nice and did it all for me, I had called into work telling them I was not coming in that day. I told him he needed to get cleaned up after he was finished and I had some fresh coffee brewing. We chatted for a while then I just took the initiative and led him back to the bedroom, he was very orally talented and large enough to make me hurt really good. We now make love regularly when I have the house to myself on weekends.

  • Hey, he's an uber driver, so you were just another 'ride'.

  • You couldn’t go to his place cause he probably still lives with his mom.
    Has he asked you to use any of your credit cards or expected you to pay for everything yet. Hope you enjoy

  • A bitter white man. get a life

  • Offensive.

  • Spoken like a true racist!

  • Mostly the truth

  • Sounds like the truth to me.

  • Are you hooked on black now? Have you had another?

  • Only worth getting hooked if his dick is above 8 inches.

  • I wouldn't say I'm hooked, as after this guy I did go on a few dinner dates with a few white guys. But I did have a hook up with another black man where it led to sex twice.

  • I felt the same way after my first. Not as life changing as people say. I’ve had white guys just as big. After my first mixed baby though, THATS when I wanted more.

  • I think a lot of white women feel this way....once they cross the threshold of giving in to it and not caring what others think, they're quite happy. Earlier in life, they're afraid of judgement from parents, friends, co-workers, etc. The older they get, the less they are concerned about it. I had an ex-girlfriend who dated a black man before she dated me. She was still in love with him but was so worried about what her parents thought. She was crying one night in her living room and we stayed up all night talking about the fact that she was still in love with him. I already knew it and I knew that she and i weren't soul-mates anyway. I encouraged her to call him and talk with him about why they broke up. She did and they got back together. I went to their wedding and this was 23 years ago. They're still married. Love doesn't have racial lines.

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