Fun evening

Was a friday evening and my step daughter had come stay with me and wife for weekend very pretty girl but never miss behaved well we was having drink and watching tv and a lady friend visited a few years older then step daughter she had drink with us and we put music chanel on and our friend started having dance something she called grinding well step daughter asked her to teach her how to do well me wife was watching and wife noticed i was getting tured on by and started rubbing my cock over trousers and we started kissing and i started fondle her boobs not taking notice of the girls after little while wife wisper in ear telling me look at them so i did and was shocked as both now only in bras and skirts dancing together made my cock jump and not help when wife unzipped me and pulled cock out rubbing both now watching step daughter noticed smiled and pulled her bra of and turned back to our friend who now noticed what was happing and took her bra of too and got closer to daughter fondling her boobs and sliding hands over her bum never expected daughter do what happen next as she slide her skirt knickers of and teasing friend and me plus wife who now also was topless when i looked back now both girls naked tuching fondling each other both looking at me and wife now i know our friend was bi but to see her now getting on knees and moving towards daughters pussy to lick i thourght she stop her but instead open her legs and held friends hair holding as she was being licked wife stood up getting fully undressed and removing my trousers now standing infront me facing away lower herself and held my cock rubbing over her pussy and slowley sliding into herself the girls went sat on settee watching us as now playing with each other then daughter wisper into friends ear and guess was to let her try licking pussy as friend moved onto her back spread legs and daughter moved colse and started licking friends pussy she soon cum and sitting up wisper into daughters ear then looked at wife asking if she could borrow the double dildo as they had enjoyed in past well wifey got of me going bedroom friend following as i sat looking at daughter as she looked at me slowley tuching herself smiling as i slowley rubbed my self a few min later we was called to come bed room and there was friend with strapless dildo in herself and standing there rubbing other end and wife on all fours well friend said get into same position and said she going do same as i going do to wife well there we was all 4 on bed wife and daughter both getting fucked doggie style after while friend said to daughter as she pulled dildo out herself to slide in her and friend now lieing on back spreding her legs told daughter to fuck her so me and wife did same after while fucking watching i know i was getting close cuming and wifey told me stop and told girls both get on knees beside each other she to join them telling me wank infront them and shoot load over her tits girls watched as i did coving both wifes boobs with big load and now moving back sat on chair as she girls move close wife and taken a boob each licked clean and with mouthfull cum kissed wife passing my cum to her she smiled and swolled now looking at daughter and friend said wwe have lie on bed and lick each others pussys so there i was watching wife daughter and friend all licking each other i soon stared get hard agine and lied on bed wife said she going blind fold me and i have guess whos pussy on my face and whs on cock well not sure but they swoped few times and think all 3 took in turns and feeling myself getting tied to bed and blind foldedon my front they had fun beside me on top even think took in turns using double dildo as fucked me to and now and then getting head lifted and a pussy sliding on face making lick after while we stopped and i fell asleep then a few hours later could feel myself being fucked aging and girls giggling only find out after while as blind fold remomved and could see all 3 girls top bed playing with them selfs but i was still getting fucked friend had a friend who wanted try fucking another man and she was pretty lady boy so there i was and told take it or they post the video they was making so took it now i being black maild as such but in nice way a have let lady boy join in to and get see her fucking wife daughter and friend then so do i and also lady boy


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  • Great story. More please or come for drinks. Yay

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