Mommy caught me wearing her panties

In the summer of my 3rd grade year our washer broke and it would be a few weeks before the parts would arrive to fix it. Mommy explained this to me and that I would have to wear her panties until it was fixed. I loved the silky feel and I had just began masturbating and doing that thru her panties felt wonderful. I even showed them to my best friend because we played with each others clocks daily. Paul loved seeing me in my mommy's pink panties. This began my love of wearing mommy's panties. After the washer was fixed mommy no longer allowed me to wear her panties, but I kept on sneaking them to wear. Over the following years I experimented wearing more of mommy's lingerie till I ended up wearing her panties, thigh highs and/or pantyhose, mommy's half slips, and even her bras. Sometimes I'd also wear her panty girdles or garter belts and stockings. Paul loved having me dress up as a lady.
One day I dressed up as a lady and masturbated to a powerful climax and then fell asleep. I awoke to my mommy asking me why I was wearing all her lingerie? She assured me I wasn't in trouble so I could be honest with her. So I told her how much I loved wearing all her silky things, and even told her how much my best friend Paul loved seeing me dressed up like a lady. She pulled up a chair and sat facing my head on the couch where I was laying down. As I looked at her I noticed she was opening up her legs and soon I was able to look up mommy's dress and see her panties plainly. Mommy smiled at me and asked me if I liked looking up her dress. I told her that I liked that very much. She told me that she had wanted a girl, but now it looked as if she had a girl with me all dressed up in her lingerie. I begged her to keep letting me dress up in her lingerie, and mommy told me she loved letting me do that. Then she bent down and kissed me on my lips and stuck her tounge in my mouth as we kissed passionately. She then told me I could put my hands on her legs and feel her anywhere up her dress as she began fondling my cock thru her silky panties. At that point mommy told me that her body was now mine and i could do anything to her whenever i wanted to. She then began telling me how good my hands felt up under her dress, and how i could touch her anywhere.
Soon afterwards mommy & I became lovers, an from that moment on i couldn't get enough of mommy's shaved pussy. I touched it, licked and sucked it, and loved sticking my cock deep inside of it. When Paul would spend the night, she would give both of us complete access to her body and was Paul's first sexual encounter. Many more followed as mommy loved having 3 somes with us. From then on i wore mommy's lingerie 24/7. She even bought me my own lingerie that fit me.


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  • Wish I knew you then I LOVE little boys wearing knickers

  • And now you get to type your twisted little post from the mental ward.... in panties. whacko!

  • So good darling how lucky are you

  • So here I am 50 years later still wearing all the silky things women wear under their dresses and loving it. I just wish I had a lady or even a guy who would like seeing me dressed up to play with. I'd love to fondle and have oral sex with a lady or guy, i'd even let the guy fuck my tight ass and fill me up with his cum, and would love filling the lad's pussy with my cum. Any takers?

  • So great that you are still wearing and love lingerie, I started wearing panties, bras and nighties before we were married then moved onto full on cross dressing with makeup, wigs, heels the whole thing. I even do my own makeup now and go out dressed with my wife about once a week, it is fantastic, my wife started pegging me six months ago we both love it, everything is our own little secret.

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