Our German Shepherd

I can't stop having sex with our dog. I am a married female 23 years old. This all started one night while my husband was working a night shift. I was masturbating and our German Shepherd was very curious. He kept coming over to me and sniffing arroud. I pushed him away several times but he wouldn't stop. I was very close to cumming and he started licking me!. I did not stop him and I came very hard. He continued to lick me until I came again. I got up and he followed me everywhere I went. I couldn't resist the the thoughts in my head so I layed back on the edge of our couch. He began licking me again and then he straddled me. He started pumping but couldn't get it inside of me. I reached down and couldn't believe how large his cock was. I pushed him inside of me. I came instantly as he began fucking me very fast. He came quickly and then his knot went inside. This made me cum again just by the stretching I felt. It took several minutes for him to disconnect from me. Well since then Everytime my husband works nights my new lover fucks me. Nothing turns me on like this. He is able to fuck me several times a night. I cum so much I can't stop. Best sex I've ever had!

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  • I would suggest you never let your hubby know of this. Your very young and with a 50% chance you will be divorced someday this would be awful thing to be revealed in the divorce proceedings.

  • Hi darling, how about updating with the doggie position experience I am so keen to hear your news, I really hope everything went well for you and Hunter

  • When I was in my 20's I was at my girlfriend's house and she went to take a shower. She let me wear her panties, so I put on a pair of her nylon tricot panties and went to the kitchen. Her Dobie jumped on me and we wrestled and then i realized he was trying to jump me, so i let him. As he was dry jumping me i slid down my panties and backed into his crimson doggie dick. With one push he entered me and while it hurt, it also felt fantastic. In about 5 minutes he filled my ass with his cum, and when his knot went down sometime later we were able to separate. I just had time to clean up, put my girlfriend's panties back and get dressed before she came out. I really enjoyed being filled with a dog's hard cock.

  • Hi girls, Sandra here I have been having sex with our lab Billy for about three years my husband instigated it initially (talked me into it ) my husband arranged a saddle that buckles around my tummy and has two leather holders attached for Billy's front paws it really gives him great leverage so he can go so deep into me, he also swings out and around when he has knotted it is so good and sexy being locked.
    Really like seeing your posts.

  • Helen , Sandra I was just discussing the saddle with my husband, we desperately need one now, sounds fantastic, did you get it off the net we can't find such an item or was it a custom made one.
    Happy humping xxxxx

  • It's a one off my brother in law made it sorry.

  • Hi Sandra, Helen here my lover is Brownie gee that saddle sounds good, any other ideas greatly appreciated xxxx

  • Oh I like that idea. I think I will try doggie tonight I'm just a little scared because I will have no control over him. But I am so wound up tonight It may not matter

  • OK darling you will be fine, don't worry take your time everything will work out so well I am sure, please let me know.
    Love Helen xxxx

  • Darling how many times on average per day would Hunter get to hump you ?
    Brownie constantly gets two a day, sometimes a mixture of mounting, BJ or hand job, that keeps him very happy and he is not a nuisance or demanding although any less and he can get quite cranky, persistently sniffing and following me around. All the best xxxx
    I love talking to you it gets me horny so Brownie will get a big bonus today.

  • We are almost daily now. I find myself waiting for my husband to leave so I get get some. I have even woke up in the middle of the night and let him fuck me while my husband is sleeping. I want him to catch me in a way but he will freak out I'm sure

  • That is so good darling, in a way I also hope your husband catches you as long as he is accepting and understanding I am sure he will be, getting caught by my husband some years ago was the best thing ever, having everything out in the open was such a relief.
    Brownie has had three humps today but I am sure he will get another before evening.
    All the best darling xxxxx

  • My husband just left for work. He is night shift this month. I will be getting Hunter inside of me very soon. I can't wait!! Talking has made me so Randy. I want to try something new tonight.

  • OH darling I am so happy for you please keep me updated, I like hearing of new things might give me some ideas.
    Great humping xxxx

  • Nice couple of girls love to watch a girl getting pounded by a dog's hard big cock x

  • Like to get in on the action and be a performer ?

  • Brownies cum tastes a lot different to my husbands it is much thicker and creamier little bit more acidic but very nice plus I get almost twice as much. Brownie likes licking me up after it feels great.
    What is your lovers name darling ? xxxxx

  • Hunter

  • Thank you that is such a nice name, does your husband watch and assist with mounting or take video's ?
    Do you like Hunter swinging over and locking bum to bum ?
    Really like talking to another canine lover it is so good xxx

  • My husband does not know what I am doing. I don't think he could deal with it. So far he only mounts me in the missionary position. I lay back on the edge of the couch, which is the perfect height for him to put his front paws up on the couch with his hind legs on the ground. I am able to control him better like this. Plus I like to see him fucking me. When his knot goes up inside me he just lays on top of me until he disconnects from me. I love it when this is going on I am able to rock back and forth and cum again just from his knot stretching me.

  • Thank you darling you have everything under control and it sounds like your both getting very experienced. I really hope you try doggie with Hunter, I love Brownie humping me doggie it makes me feel very subordinate to him and especially feel like his bitch with my collar on.
    I adore my husband knowing, watching and helping. Initially he came home early one day and caught us locked, took heaps of photo's and video's and from then on just liked knowing and helping, he is thinking of having me get a tattoo just above my cunt either "Bitch" or Brownies Bitch"
    All the best darling xxxx I am a little horny writing this so time to get naked and call my lover.

  • Update: I took one of the responses and gave it a try today. I jacked him off until he was hard. He was laying on his side so I began sucking him off. He seemed to enjoy it and let me continue. I let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed most of it. He came a lot so some ran out. Didn't taste bad, not much different than my husband's cum. I would rather he fuck me and cum inside me though.

  • That is just so great darling, your really very horny it is so much fun having a canine lover.
    Does your husband watch, mine likes to watch and assist with the mounting, we both love it when Brownie and I are locked bum to bum my husband takes plenty of videos, I also wear a thick leather collar with "Brownies bitch" stamped on it.
    All the best darling xxxx
    I'me horny now so am going to get Brownie in and have fun on his mat.

  • If I was your husband I'd let the dog fuck you so much and watch or make you suck my cock as the dog filled your pussy full of dog cum x

  • I loved reading your story. Have you ever tried sucking your dog's crimson cock until he cums in your mouth. Also do you think your husband would be game for watching you love your dog? He might get off to it with you. Wish I was your dog.

  • I have jacked him off until he has cum. I did taste it but have not sucked on him. Maybe when I get really Randy I will try that.

  • Thats great darling, take your time but I am sure you will get around to giving him BJ's

  • Fucked up.... i don't get it but have fun!

  • You dirty bastard. how sick.

  • Why are you reading these posts?

  • Exactly!

  • I would love to watch you being fucked by your dog.
    Have you tried anal yet?

  • Anal takes a very special dog and person, I would not recommend it, you can easily be hurt very badly.
    The best way to start is in the missionary position then move onto doggie style when your both comfortable.

  • Do you love getting pumped full of doggy cum?

  • Yes I do! Feels amazing!

  • Loved watching my girlfriend fuck our lab he was such a furious fuck made her scream I let her suck me as he fucked her.

  • Well I certainly would not call it the best sex I have ever had because I love it when my husband gives me oral. I play with our two labs often and while it is a lot of fun it is also a lot of work and I have also received some pretty good scratches during the sessions as well as a few unintended anal hits that sank in a few inches before I could pull back.
    But like you I keep on doing it because it is truly a lot of fun and my husband gets a great thrill out of watching them team up on me.

  • You should play with one at a time, best for you to be in the doggie position totally naked and put thick woolen socks over his front paws, you can reach under to help him in or have your husband assist the mounting, I really love it when mine knott's deep and cum's, usually he will swing off and over leaving us tied bum to bum for anything up to 45 minutes, we are very experienced and he does not try anal with me that can hurt like all shit.
    I have a large thick mat in the lounge room and Brownie knows when I get naked start feeling him all over particularly around his nuts laying there ready to play he is going to get a really nice fuck.
    All the best darling xxxx

  • You might get pregnant and have a litter of puppies

  • You might want to brush up on DNA chains.

  • Well its really great trying

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