My mind is going crazy...

I fell in love with these two girls I went to school with I've lived them a long time and wanted to ask them out a did so and both turned me down but damn if I don't want to just take them tie them up and get both of them pregnant. Like I have thoughts of knocking them up every night taking them out to dinner and everything no matter what I've wanted a family with these girls for as long as I can remember...

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  • I love a man with breeding fantasies. You sound sweet.

  • I’m in a committed throuple, 8 years now. We had kids at the same time. It was fun being pregnant together.

  • Don’t give up... build up your resume
    Go get that degree.. get a great job, get your own place , stay in great shape and the rest will follow. Keep a good attitude and have a good circle of friends. Trust me on this one. If you are half decent looking you will have even hotter females wanting inside your pants. It’s worked for me so much. Facebook has helped also, they see how much I have and wonder why I have kept away. Look at it this way.. would you want a mean jealous overweight woman broke female? Neither would they

  • Thanks man... that actually means a lot some people think it’s crazy that you can love 2 people at once but I grew up with these girls apparently they are mad at me right now or at least one of them is

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