Not sure what to say

I've been having a fling with a female friend of mine. We're both late 30s. She's divorced, just started to identify as lesbian, and I've been happily married to a man for years. We both have teenage kids in high school.

It started last month when she made a pass at me when she came over to chat and have coffee. I'd never been with another woman, and she's very pretty and sweet. We started making out and she's a great kisser. It was first curiosity on my part more than anything, but I'm in love with her now. I also love my husband, but she is so much better to make out with than him. She's so soft and beautiful. She's been coming over about once a week when my husband isn't around. He doesn't know about any of this.

The problem is that two days ago my son caught us together. He was supposed to be at basketball practice, but it got canceled, so he came home early. My friend and I were still partially clothed, in our panties, but we weren't wearing anything else and were making out on the couch, limbs entwined and tongues in mouths. My son looked freaked out, I freaked out, and he left to give us privacy, but I felt terrified that we had been caught.

I seriously try to raise my kids to have good morals, so I don't know what to say to my son now that he knows I'm cheating on his father by having a lesbian affair. I have 2 huge fears: 1) that he will tell his father/my husband; 2) that he will think lesser of me from now on.

I haven't had the courage to talk to him about my fling, because I'm scared to bring it up. I've kind of been waiting for him to bring it up. Should I talk to him first, or wait? Or just say nothing?

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  • Hey sweetie. I’ve been thinking of you, your situation. Care to tell what came of it?

  • I love watching two lesbians eating each others pussy's good. I also love fucking each of their tight pussy's doggystyle while they are in the process.

  • I’m a MWF, 42, married, my kids are grown. The first of your story is exactly what I so want to happen for me. The rest is my biggest fear. I think you’ll have to have conversations. Definitely with your son, and soon with his dad. I’m sorry this has happened

  • Have a 3some with son....shiuld shut him up 😊

  • Your post reeks of guilt, as it should, because you have been really bad. You dug this hole yourself. Now do the right thing and admit what you've been doing is wrong and come clean to your husband, and also explain to your son that you made a mistake. But you probably won't do that, because it's all about you and your needs, isn't it?

  • I see several issues here...first it seems that your husband isn't really satisfying you. Because of that you experimented with your friend and you discovered how much more she satisfys you as a woman. Then there is the issue of what to tell your son.

    First can you discuss how your husband can better satisfy your needs and also give him the same opportunity? If he can handle this, then MAYBE he can handle your affair with your lady friend. Would you and your lady friend be up for a three-some? Most men fantasize about that and that would help your husband handle any fears he might feel about being inadequate sexually.

    Then what to say to your son. The truth never hurts so explain that while you love him, he doesn't satisfy you the way she does. It's hard for you to raise him to have good morals...when by definition you don't. Or do you take the more liberal view with him and possibly invite him to watch you two or even have a 3-some with him too. You might even enjoy giving your son sex lessons. Once you leave the moral's just a question of how far off that road do you want to travel?

  • I think you need to tell your husband what happened. Then decide if the two of you need to talk to your son. It will be a tough conversation with your husband, but you might find that he is into having him involved, but then you have an ally in the conversation with your son.

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