I can't believe I am getting away with everything I did to u! I cheated soo many times and this is the worse that is going to happen after all my infedilities!! Lmao! I am getting away Scott free! I should be screwed soo hard..but I am getting away with it! This must be a dream! Ooo well I knew u were always a stupid ur just proving it now! I'm gonna laugh in ur face when the time is right! U had ur chance!! U r going to regret this decision the rest of ur life! 👋 🖕

16 days ago

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    • I love getting away with it. Been cheating on him for our entire relationship & never been caught.
      Even our kids aren't actually his

    • Thats so hot, tell us more

    • Haha I love getting away with it!

    • When you write like me, NO ONE is going to regret not being with you.

    • Ur opinion matters?

    • Yeah, it fucking does. And yours does not. What of that do you not understand?

    • Fuck off wanker boi, you may wright better English but I get laid moored.

    • Raping little boys does not count as getting "laid moored," mate. Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad you proved that the stupid cunt was a stupid cunt; but it's kind of on you that you go out with stupid cunts. Also, cheating on stupid cunts by porking wee young men against the bins behind the curry shop is not great accomplishment. But, you know, good for you.

    • Bitter, much?

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