Our Randy Neighbour

Well I wondered when she would finally appear? Especially on a lovely day like today, I know the HotWife enjoys long soaks in the tub, but she had been in there for almost four hours and all in the middle of the afternoon.

When she did finally muster from the bathroom, she was looking very hot and flustered. I just put it down to her long soak and that she may have taken one of our Lelo’s in with her. She made a rapid bee-line towards me and almost collapsed upon our bed. I was sat answering some emails when the HotWife started to run her hand up and down my inside thigh. It was difficult to concentrate on the what was contained within the email, which was from one of the CEO’s, I think it was to do with marketing or something? All I could think about was how the HotWife’s hand had bypassed my shorts and had freed my cock, all the while working it to get it erect.

It is never much of a strain for her wrists; as even just the thought of enjoying her pussy, is always more than enough to get the blood flowing. Nonetheless, the email was from none other than Alfie, who had always tried his chances on so many occasions with the HotWife. Hey we had all enjoyed the Christmas Festivities and the luxury exuberance that the company had allowed and well endorsed for us minions once a year. But both Alfie and I had something in common; the HotWife. As we had both had the pleasure of sucking and fucking her that eventful night. So intense was the sex that we all stayed an extra night at the hotel complex, enjoying the seclusion the holidays had bestowed on us. But it was several years ago. There was no doubt that Alfie had been hinting at a replay for quite sometime, and although he is my superior, Alfie and I play golf together on the first Sunday of the month. Regular as clockwork.

Im sure the HotWife was more than anticipating the eventuality of Alfie feeding his throbbing cock into her tight pussy once again, as when I responded to her question of “Whose the email from’. She beamed her naughty little smile. ‘Its work babe’, thats all. ‘Shame’ she exclaimed I so enjoyed that weekend. ‘Anyhow’ she said ‘feel me’. I did as instructed and placed my hands straight on to her pelvic bone and down towards her pussy. Wow I though to myself, the HotWife was indeed horny. ‘Guess what Ive been doing?’ she motioned. Obviously you been masturbating in the tub, I stated so flippantly in my head. ‘Um, let me guess’ I pondered in my answer. ‘You never will’ she mustered back. I have been flashing to the man who lives behind us. ‘Which man?’ I asked. ‘Not the Gay fella?’, ‘No she’ laughed the other one.

‘Ah yeah so how has this transpired then’, I asked. Well I could hear all this commotion from out back, not long after I had gotten into the tub. Anyhow me being me I got up to have a peak at what the fuss was all about. What with window in the bathroom being wide open due to it being so dam hot today. It completely slipped my mind, anyhow there I was standing naked as the day I was born before our neighbours. Lol yeah, just slipped your mind eh? I just smiled and so did the wife, but she had a good look at my breasts first, but then she realised she was staring then looked away quick smart. But as for the husband, well it was obvious what was going through his mind. What that he had left the water on? I asked.

She delighted in her continuation and indulged me with her tender finger tips around my shaft, as she filled me in on what she had spent the afternoon partaking in. The HotWife went on to describe that after he eventually retired into their home, he was soon out in his garden - watering his shrubs, whistling as loud as he could. Enthralled that her body had coaxed him back and away from whatever he was meant to be doing, she peaked once gain through the open window. He was like a meerkat, anxiously waiting to see if Id look again she proclaimed.

Anyhow Ive teased him like a little puppy, and if it wasn’t for his other half being home then I think he would have been around here with his tongue buried inside my pussy. Lol, the HotWife never changes I thought to myself. As the thoughts of him fucking the HotWife in our tub came into my mind. The HotWife engulfed all of my length deep into her mouth. Just as abruptly as she had taken my cock in to her, she let it slip passed her lips. He’s coming over tonight, as his wife is visiting her sister. So I best get ready, and with that she jumped up and made straight for her dressing room


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  • Yikes. Awful.

  • I hope you never ever post again. This was so painful I had to stop halfway

  • Oh my God. This wins hands down for the worst story on here. I'm surprised I'm still awake. Maybe post it to readers digest. Off for a long nap, that story has made me feel tired.

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