Mom and Son Can't Help It

It was last Saturday evening. My mom and I were sitting on the couch having a few drinks. Even though I'm only 18, I can still drink, but only at home. So anyway we're having some drinks, talking, and flipping around Premium Channels from our cable provider. I stopped on a movie neither of us had seen called "Savage Grace," because I've always thought Julianne Moore was sexy in kind of a girl next door neighbor way.

We were pretty drunk, making jokes and laughing, not really paying any attention to the movie. Then it got to the part where Julianne Moore playing the mother, and their only son, were together on the couch. Without realizing it we started watching the movie, and what ended up being riding her son cowgirl. I realized that my cock was hard and tenting in my shorts I was wearing without underwear. I looked over at my mom and she was looking at my bulge, I noticed her nipples were hard and poking out through her tanktop to the point I knew she wasn't wearing a bra.

I would have to say that my mom looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston, same type of body, tits, ass, and of course nipples. Her face also has similar features, but her hair is brown though, and just above the shoulders in length. At about the age of fifteen I realized she was attractive for a mom, and occasionally would think of her and her tits, when I jacked off. It was pretty much an everyday thing when I didn't have a girlfriend. I was also always horny like any teen my age.

At about the same time, we both looked up realizing where we were both looking. We both smiled, but kept staring into each others eyes. My mom slide next to me, and then we were kissing, then our tongues found each others and began to twirling around. Instinctively I reached up and began founding a tit, and playing with a nipple. It was no longer my mom, she was just a sexy lover. My mom reached down feeling my bulge through my shorts as our breathing got faster, each of us letting out small moans into each others mouths.

I reached down, grabbing the bottom of my mom's tank top and pulled it over her head, then tossing it aside. I marveled at the tits that I'd only seen through thin nightgowns, or naked for only a few seconds. Her tits weren't huge, but more than a handful. The were so perfectly round, firm, with barley any sag, yet natural. Her dark pink areolas perfectly round, her nipples poking out close to a half an inch. I began sucking one nipple as I worked the other breast, then I'd switch. My mom was moaning as she now had her hand under my shorts and now stroking my cock. I removed my t-shirt as I moved my face back to my mom's and we again began kissing. I reached down to my mom's shorts, running my hand over her nicely trimmed pubic mound, down to her clit and began rubbing it. My mom started moaning louder, squeezing my cock hard as she worked it.


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  • The story kind of cuts off. I wonder if the OP's mom caught him writing this?

  • “ mom looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston, same type of body, tits, ass, and of course nipples”. - cause the last time you and Jen were chillin’ nude, she made sure you got a good look at her nipples? WTF.

  • Consensual sex between a Mother and son is totally ok.

  • An hot I'd love to fuck my mother an fill her up

  • Should be encouraged.

  • Mine in her seventees now im divorced living with her ive thought about trying ti fuck her think she woukd like a young cock inside her and who better than her son to fill that pussy x

  • Go for it fill her pussy with her son cum slip in her ass too

  • Mine walked around all the time just wearing a long t-shirt and would see me staring at her nipples. She would tell me that it is just natural and she was not worried about it, I saw her all of her all the time she just did not worry about covering up. I think it was about a month after I turned 17 she decided that I needed the sex talk and sat me down one evening to tell me all about it. She had a book with pages marked and a whole prepared deal then after she gave me this clinical explanation of women and sex she asked me if I had any questions. I asked her what oral sex felt like and she sort of sat there thinking of a good answer. I asked her if she enjoyed giving oral sex and what she liked about doing it. She gave me some good answers but then I asked her what really turned her on the most for a man to do to her and she told me the talk was over and I would find out soon enough when I went to college.

  • I know the feeling seeing my mum every day wanting to have her moaning under me as I fuck her intense orgasm inside her wet pussy then go home and fuck my wife

  • Filling her up an then fuck your wife is hot like having sloppy second ..want to share her

  • I want to fuck my mom so bad! At night she wears a nightgown, no bra, and panties. Whenever she's in front of a light, I can make out the silhouette of her great tits and ass perfectly. Her nipples are always hard and very noticeable also. I know her body so well I want it. I want to put my dick in her pussy and fuck her hard. Feel her tits up and suck on her nipples all night long.

  • Just wank over her when she asleep cum on her

  • You would’ve loved my house. Mom never wore a bra and rarely a top. She was usually breastfeeding, but she’d walk around with her G cups just open to the world.

  • Ever fuck her

  • I used to listen to dad fucking mum so horny I would wank as he pounded her later when he passed I tried to fuck her on her 50th birthday only circumstance stopped us fucking that night my sister and her hubby were staying and in bed upstairs.

  • Sounds very good, some years ago I saw my dad fucking my mum I watched them longer than I should have until they had finished, when I saw my dad finally thrusting into my mums vagina, I went to my room and wanked, years have passed and I am still jealous even now of my dad fucking my mum, I wanted to do what dad was doing, I know its very wrong its the ultimate taboo the worst ever

  • Excuse me. What.

  • That's amazing. I never had a moment remotely close with my mom. The closest was when I gave her a back rub once when she was in a t-shirt and yoga pants and I reached between her thighs and she didn't stop me. She undulated on my hand a bit, and I think she got off, as I was on or close to her clit. Her breaths were deep, but no voice. Then she said, "that's enough" and made me stop.

  • I did the same with mine except she was no Jennifer Anniston and she was always half passed out or nearly there from drinking and pain meds. She had big fat boobs but her nipples were large and would get erect. She was around two hundred pounds but never pushed away my cock when it went across her lips. I would pull out most of the time but if she was moving her head around by herself and sucking on me I would let loose and watch her swallow it. Eventually I bought condoms and would get her propped up on pillows or she would raise herself up onto her knees letting me pound away on her, watching her butt cheeks wave as I pounded.
    I came home to her often sprawled out on the couch drooling, I would push on her a few times and tell her it was time for bed but never get a response. I would kneel on the floor and push my cock head in and out across her tongue and wet mouth then go beat off in my room.

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