Airborne affair

We met on the plane to PHX. I’m 30. She’s at least 45. I feel like a kid talking to her. She is wise. Keen wit. Charming smile. Great body
Six hours later I’m in her hotel room, fucking her pussy doggystyle and looking down at her butthole. I couldn’t help it - I stopped, pushed her flat on her belly and licked her cute, wrinkled, pink posterior while frigging her clit. She came in less than 2 minutes right as I had wriggled my tongue inside her ass. I had to fight the muscle contractions to keep my tongue in there.
Then I came up to try and push my dick in her ass and she said no. Turns over to face me and kind of pissed off says “you want my ass? Lay down!” She climbs on top, her ass in my face and starts grinding her hole on my nose and mouth. It’s really hot. I’m really hard. And she is jacking me off. I came in no time.
Apparently she likes tongues but not cocks in her ass.

The next morning I woke up sick. Vomiting and diarrhea.

Here’s the thing... I would TOTALLY DO IT AGAIN. I kind of like that it made me sick. That worshipping her ass like that was more than just a physical act without repercussions. That I WANT to do it again. Just like that. And not even fuck her. Just be dominated.

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  • I was flirting with a guy on a plane once. I went to the bathroom and when I opened the door to come out he was standing there. He pushed me back in to the bathroom up against the sink. He pulled my skirt up to my waist, pulled my panties down and bent me over enough to enter me from behind. It only took a few minutes of him pounding my pussy before he came. I had to sit in wet panties for the next hour.

  • I eat wife's ass on a daily. It's something that i just have to have. Ive never been ill from it. Only once did she get a vag infection because of me going hole to hole. Yes I know that is not spose to be done but it's going to be in our bed.

  • Bring a douche with you next time. Have her clean out first then go at it.

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