I don't get it.

There's a mum who walks past my house every day to do the school run. She's overweight, unattractive, gobby, sweary, spits as she smokes and walks, clothes are scruffy etc. She has 5 children, under 9 one being in the pushchair. The oldest 2 are black, then the other two are white, then the one in the pushchair is black. Her boyfriend is black muscular and really handsome, dressed nice etc. I'm fascinated by them, because they've been together 10 years, according to a friend who lives opposite them, she says the white kids are from different dad's behind the boyfriends back and he's just stepped up and treated them as his own. I just can't understand it, she really is like Waynetta-slob and he is just unbelievably gorgeous. My husband made a remark the other day, saying some women are born to be bred. I just think it's so fascinating.

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  • It's fascinating that a black guy actually hung around to raise his kids and the suggestion that the two youngest kids are white and the black guy is still with her certainly challenges the absent black father stereotype.

  • You want to be bred?

  • Hell no.

  • Not even as a dirty fantasy?

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