Perverted encounter

I was sittin' in the livingroom one afternoon with a woman at her
house. We were talkin' about different things when after almost an hour she started smiling at me for some reason. I didn't know what she was smiling at me for but I sat quiet for a few minutes and she asked me if I noticed anything and I asked her "what do you mean?" and she said "Isn't it a little cool in here?" and I said "no not to me". She said "look" and I said "at what?" and she said "you don't notice?" and I asked her where the bathroom was and she told me. I went to pee and came back in the livingroom and sat and she asked me again if I noticed anything and I looked at her and said "where" and
she said "look down" and I said "okay" and she said "at me" and when I looked down I noticed she had her dress pulled up to her knees and she said "I didn't want to ask you but did you want to watch me play with my pussy?". I didn't say anything and she said "I haven't done it in a while, play with your dick". She pulled her dress up to her waist and reached her right hand down between her legs and put two fingers in her pussy and smiled. She started playin' with herself and I sat there lookin'. My dick got hard and after a few minutes I couldn't take it I had to pull my dick out. When I did she smiled again and I tried so hard not to play with it. I couldn't take it after almost a half hour she started lookin' at my dick and she had a look in her eyes like ' I know you want to jack off'. She pulled her fingers out of herself and sucked them. I sat there and she said "it's okay I asked you if you want to". I felt my dick throbbing and I grabbed it and she smiled again. I started jacking off for almost an hour thinkin' I could come but I couldn't. She smiled when she knew I couldn't come and she said "this will help picture a woman layin' on her back with her legs spread wide open and she has two fingers in her cunt". I started to imagine and an hour passed. She looked at me and said "poor baby can't come ah you poor baby you can't finish? take as long as you need. After almost fifteen more minutes I shot my load and she smiled again and said "you
finished". We sat there for the rest of the day. I guess I fell asleep 'cause when I woke up I was covered with a blanket. She was right there with me.

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  • Fell asleep and dreamed this fantasy....

  • I wish I knew a woman like that.

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