My wife giving permission to wear lingerie and. please men

Texting back and forth with my wife from work one day I finally received the permission I was looking for. I was sending her pictures I had found on line of sexy men wearing lingerie. Something I shared with her on a regular basis, I had confessed my love of wearing panties and lingerie a number of years back and she seemed perfectly fine with my private obsession of wearing women's intimates. I would send her pictures of very sexually explicit photos of men in lingerie in assorted poses and ask her what her thoughts were of the outfit, I would often say "Damn I wish I had a body like that" Usually very thin men with feminine style slender bodies. This particular day the photos. I sent were of an individual who was very well endowed. I had to ask her what she thought it would be like to perform oral sex on him, she relied it would be fine. I persisted though, asking many questions about length, girth, technique and things of this nature. I asked her about where she would put her tongue, choking and of course ejaculation. Finally she texted back if you have so many questions you should try it for yourself. I replied I never could, I would love to tru but I could never go through with it. In all honesty I wanted very much to try the one thing in life I hadn't tried in more than 25 years which was to be with a man again. Here now I was finally being told it was something I should go ahead and explore. This was the start of my new bisexual lifestyle.

1 month ago

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    • Liar

    • LOL

    • It's interesting to see people when they expose their private lives. This here is probably the mildest of the wildest I've observed people post, definitely interesting though. At least they don't do anything that truly harms anyone else and they both seem to be fully informed of everything that's going on. The cheating amongst married people nation wide is a truly sad and disappointing statistic

    • What city are you in? I’m in East Lansing and need a tranny floozy fuck bud. Be at the Home Depot this evening in the plumbing section, near the toilet parts. Ask me if I’m Jerry.

    • I've been wearing panties and thigh high stockings for years now. It started as a joke with my wife. I put on a pair of her panties and walked out of the bathroom. She thought it was funny and she was slapping my ass. Then she said you know what you have a nice ass. Kinda like a woman's ass I told her that they feel comfortable. That's how it started. Since then I haven't worn men's underwear. I work construction. And I were the panties she buys for me. I even keep my body shaved smooth from the neck down. She has me walking around the house with just my panties and thigh high stockings I mostly wear cheeky panties. The one's that the bottom of my ass cheeks are showing. And yes I am bisexual and yes she fucks other guys. But we are still married after 40 years and we have a great sex life together.

    • Yes, since the inception of thee internet we are seeing how many more real men have enjoyed things like this in private. Thank you for sharing.

    • His wife lets him do it. Thats because she can fuck real men and when she done raping him of all the money and he is so far in debt that there is no more money. All she needs is a pic or two of him dressed and sucking cock for the divorce lawyer and a judge to see. And he's done. If that ain't enough she will show all the pics to his friends and family. That will work as he will kill himself real fast!

    • You aren't BISEXUAL, dear; you're now a raving HOMOSEXUAL!!

    • You can't say that. It's not PC. The fags will cry about that!

    • I'm good with that term "raving homosexual" although I still enjoy sex with women too. Best part is my wife is good with sharing her girlfriends too so I'm certainly getting more pussy than you are old man. Do you remember what pussy feels like? Silly question, we all know you haven't touched one in years LOL

    • Sad you don't understand the definitions but that's okay, probably limited education LOL

    • He has mental problems he can't help. A bullet would cure him.

    • Wow, amazing how people who aren't interested in such things will take the time to read this entire confession just to rag on the guy.

    • Because just like everybody looks at an accident on the road. We read these sick stories. Thats why we read it dumb ass. You all laugh at drivers that screw up and wreck their cars. We laugh at you disgusting faggots.

      What happened to real men? Men who would always compete with other men not suck their dicks. Who has the biggest house, boat or best car things like that. Who was stronger than the other. Who makes the most money or has the best job. Men who would rather pick a fight with an other man not suck his dick!
      We didn't compete as to who has the biggest dick because that is gay.

      Growing up as a male we never did anything sexually with our friends. We joked about our friends being a fag but not actually being a fag. We partied got in trouble, fights but at the end of the night we where just friends not lovers. We all would puke at the thought of that. When we could drink in bars with fake id's or of age we would argue with other men in the bar. Then go out in the parking lot and fight with our fists not, knives or guns like you sick fucks do. After a fight we go back in the bar and loser buys the winner a drink and it's over with.

      Today males aren't men but pussies. And your stories prove that. You're afraid to fight with your fists. But you will grab a gun or weapon and sneak up and use it.
      You are such big pussies that you wear women's clothes and suck dick and take it up your ass.
      Thats more funny than seeing someone wreck their cars by a mile. Thats why.

    • Seven out of ten males are real men but those other three have always loved sucking big hard cocks ,dressing and acting feminine secretly . They find a woman that likes to feminize men and they get married . The wife is in charge and makes any and all decissions and her sissy husband lets her because he loves being dominated and feminized and she uses his fear of being exposed to control him and force him to dress up and do more and more things giving her more ammunition against him and more power to control the sissy. Eventually the sissy exposes himself,gets caught or the wife or girlfriend grows tired of it all and shows the sissy off to everyone he knows . She already has control of the sissy and has put everything in her name so she can either divorce the loser or not and force him to do what ever she wants . She cuts him off sexually but lets face it ,,he is sucking so many cocks and having his bitch ass fucked by real men that he doesnt even miss fucking her . She moves a man in their house ,he takes over as man of the house and fucks both the sissy and his horny wife . The sissy gets off sucking her boyfriends cocks and begs them to fuck his sissy ass and every one is happy with the arraingement

    • Thats horse shit! Fact most crossdressers are straight! They like wearing the opposite genders clothing for different reasons. The fit, feel, look or sexual fetish.
      True gay man want nothing to do with women or their clothes. They look at men in the same ways as women look for men. Their looks, their manliness, the bad boy effect ECT.
      But for the most part they don't enjoy crossdressers.

    • That is the exact perception the internet likes to portray. It's not the truths but it's a story we're all good with everyone enjoying. There are always 3 sides of every story - his, hers, and the truth. It's the same way with this, the internet, what he wants to believe and what's she wants to believe and the truth. The reality is we live in a world where you are free to enjoy your own kink between two consenting adults regardless of what others think. The internet is not to be taken seriously or something to get your panties in a bunch about.

      Live love and enjoy

    • Thank you for that truth.

    • He asked why we read this shit if we don't like it and I answered him.

    • You think none of your friends has had a guy suck his dick? Just shows you have no idea what the real world is like.

    • I can guarantee none of my friends had a guy suck their dicks! That is your real world fag not ours. If they wanted a blow job they got it from a girl. You think I'm anti fag, that's because you never met my friends. They would break your neck before letting you be a fag around them. Our wife's would spit on you sick fucks too. They want real men not some sissy fag in a dress.

    • You are incorrect. I have sucked WAY too many straight dicks to believe you, over 200!
      And I am not a cross dresser, just a pretty gay boy. A cum hungry one at that.

    • I have a very serious belief this guy has some guys suck his little dick too, that's why he feels the need to prove to himself he is still a man by ranting about homosexual activities

    • Fuck off fag. I miss fag drags. That was a good way to take care of you!

    • Oh please stop it, you are embarrassing yourself. Everyone here knows you suck cock and more than likely took it in the can growing up that is why you have such deep resentment for "Fags" now. We're all sure you still pound it out thinking about when your "friends" used to hold you down and you whimpered to them while they did it.

      Now make sure you erase your browser history before someone finds out you are cruising this site wanking yourself

    • I think his daddy touched him in his private place when he was a little boy. That's why he is so upset.

    • That's based on your experiences isn't it?

    • Fuck off faggot Thank god for HIV and AID's and colon cancer! Bless the sickle cell as well.

    • And there it is, another racist little girly man

    • You wish!

    • Wow, this guy goes to extreme lengths to try and prove his masculinity to people when we all know he is masturbating jerking his little penis reading confessions on this site. That's truly sad. This guy still feels he needs to hide his gay or bisexual urges even when he ic cloaked by anonymity, it's a good thing society is. moving forward past this type of homophobia.

    • No I'm a normal male who would rather have a tiny dick before having a guy touch me asshole. You mother fucking sick fucks think you're going to change the world! But you are only waking up a sleeping giant.

    • I have to admit this guy's "Giant" is only the one he takes in his butt. LOL

    • Your judgement day will come! You will still be alive when it happens, but not for long!

    • Dream on girly man

    • You are just waking us up! As the Japs learned that was a bad idea!

    • And you're about to die off old man, you are a whiny fuck stain who trolls the internet with no life living in your past and now your pathetic life and body are reduced to a run down sack of bones waiting to die.

      We're all glad you exerted your masculinity the way you wanted when you were young, many didn't. Enjoy your computer whiner

    • You're the one who's going to die when the rest of us have had enough of you assholes!

    • GET OFF MY LAWN you rotten kids. LOL

    • Quit shoving you queer shit down our throats and go back to hiding it! Even if it means going back in the closet asshole.

    • We know you've been getting things shoved down your throat, we were just waiting for you to admit it. Thanks for confirming it.
      How long have you been getting. "IT" shoved down your throat?

    • You PC shit for about a year and a half. Ever since Floyd died because he fought the law and the law won!

    • You know the funny part is most fags don't live long. They commit suicide or get killed a lot. See it on the internet all the time. Another Trans faggot just killed himself.

    • You see lots of stuff on the internet, like Trump 2020 LOL BAhahahahahahahahaha

    • You're disrespecting your poor wife and doing her a huge disservice, even if she permits your petty and pointless perversions. Please stop thinking only of yourself and your selfish pleasures and focus your life on pleasing her constantly. Not only will her life be better and more fulfilled, but so will yours. Make the change today and become a better husband. Stop being such a filthy little bitch.Please.

    • The story is fake from a fag>

    • Real life happens to gay and bisexual men too, fool.

    • Yeh We all piss in the same toilet and stuff a fags heads in it and beat the shit out of them.

    • No you don't, you get your ass beat in real life this is the internet and it's the only place on earth you aren't a weak little excuse for a male. You are nothing short of a little girl with a penis. Stop it you are nothing, you never were anything, you never will be anything. You are nothing more than a binary angry little troll bot. LOL

    • I'm not a fag in a dress! Thats your thing asshole but like I said you will kill yourself soon or be killed.

    • You're hilarious, go back to your PBR and your recliner little man. You couldn't hurt a flea, keep pumping up your blood pressure and in your feeble state you're going to stroke out for gods sake. Relax and go to a different website where real men look at hairy pussy and jerk off. Honestly, it will help you to relax and in your failing aging health you need to relax.


    • You just keep dreaming queer boy.

    • LOL

    • Now why on earth would you think it's fake? I'd love to post a picture of my wife, myself dressed and another male friend of ours with us. There are a lot of people who live vicarious lives on many adult websites much wilder than this. We have been a part of one of them (SLS) for close to 20 years.

    • This comment is from a punk troll

    • Sorry your life is so sad, have you tried Dr. Phil?

    • Get a grip. He didn't do this behind her back, it is with her permission. She doesn't have a cock, it's not like she can give that to him herself.

    • He's a petty little bitch who doesn't like his own life and feels his input will somehow help others. There are a lot of people like him/her in this world, they complain about everyone else happiness because they have none. My wife and I are both very happy in life and are finally to the point in our lives where sex is happy on both sides (and more often than it has ever been in the last 30 years for us). Thanks for standing up for me, it was very kind of you.

    • You're a sick fag.

    • Why do you resent gays so much? Have they all turned you down?

    • Because it is not normal at all. How long would society last if everyone was gay and nobody reproduced at all? You are born you grow up have children raise then then you die! Thats the way life has been since we first started here.

    • I am assuming that is his excuse. When they live their life closeted they often mock, insult and put down anything other than straight listed people. Of course he is here reading stories none the less so we know what he secretly wants.

    • Your a sad punk ass bitch

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