My wife giving permission to wear lingerie and. please men

Texting back and forth with my wife from work one day I finally received the permission I was looking for. I was sending her pictures I had found on line of sexy men wearing lingerie. Something I shared with her on a regular basis, I had confessed my love of wearing panties and lingerie a number of years back and she seemed perfectly fine with my private obsession of wearing women's intimates. I would send her pictures of very sexually explicit photos of men in lingerie in assorted poses and ask her what her thoughts were of the outfit, I would often say "Damn I wish I had a body like that" Usually very thin men with feminine style slender bodies. This particular day the photos. I sent were of an individual who was very well endowed. I had to ask her what she thought it would be like to perform oral sex on him, she relied it would be fine. I persisted though, asking many questions about length, girth, technique and things of this nature. I asked her about where she would put her tongue, choking and of course ejaculation. Finally she texted back if you have so many questions you should try it for yourself. I replied I never could, I would love to tru but I could never go through with it. In all honesty I wanted very much to try the one thing in life I hadn't tried in more than 25 years which was to be with a man again. Here now I was finally being told it was something I should go ahead and explore. This was the start of my new bisexual lifestyle.

1 year ago

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    • What city are you in? I’m in East Lansing and need a tranny floozy fuck bud. Be at the Home Depot this evening in the plumbing section, near the toilet parts. Ask me if I’m Jerry.

    • I've been wearing panties and thigh high stockings for years now. It started as a joke with my wife. I put on a pair of her panties and walked out of the bathroom. She thought it was funny and she was slapping my ass. Then she said you know what you have a nice ass. Kinda like a woman's ass I told her that they feel comfortable. That's how it started. Since then I haven't worn men's underwear. I work construction. And I were the panties she buys for me. I even keep my body shaved smooth from the neck down. She has me walking around the house with just my panties and thigh high stockings I mostly wear cheeky panties. The one's that the bottom of my ass cheeks are showing. And yes I am bisexual and yes she fucks other guys. But we are still married after 40 years and we have a great sex life together.

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