Learning to kiss

It's been 23 years now, but like most people I'll never forget my first kiss. It was with my first girlfriend as a teen. I remember her smiling and saying, "You kiss like a fish." Those words really hurt me, and I'll never forget them, though I don't think she meant it to be mean. It was just her first impression of my ability.

I went home and mentioned that to my mom, and she said don't worry about it, you'll get better at it. I asked her for tips, and she told me a few, but I didn't really understand. I asked if we could practice once or twice. My siblings and dad weren't around, so she said okay, just a couple.

She sat me in a chair, straddled my lap, and gave me a lesson on how to kiss. She said what she was going to do beforehand, and at first the kisses were basic, just lips. We did that a dozen times or so, and then she showed me how to French kiss, and we went at it pretty enthusiastically, maybe three minutes. Tongues and all.

I was hard as a rock, and could sense her breathing deeply, and ran my hand between her legs. She was wearing white denim shorts. She said, "uh-uh, no, hands off" and we kept kissing for another minute. She let me hold her by her hips.

When we stopped, I'll never forget what she said: "Whew, wow [and made a motion of fanning herself], you've passed that class now, so go practice on your girlfriend. If you kiss her like that, you'll need some condoms for what it will lead to." Actually, I never did. I was a virgin until I was 20.

My mom died of cancer last month, but I'll always appreciate that day. She was a really beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit too.

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