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I was attracted towards one of my co-worker in my early teens. I used to be a teacher and she was my assistant in I.T sector. Once I went out for a holiday tour and when I returned I saw that she has perfectly rendered her duties. So I was very happy and as a gift i gave a sweet kiss on her cheek. But then in due time i sometimes made sweet kiss on her lips whenever she did something good as a reward. I was really attracted to her. Sometimes I do took her in my arms for a few moments. I loved her cheeks and of course her buttocks. I gave her a lovely spanking once and she really loved it. But then due to some other problem she left the office and I still really miss her.

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  • Well way to take it slow with her, maybe the spanking was too much for her. Where do you live at that you were a teacher and she was your IT assistant in your early teens?

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  • My parents are in their 70s and I am going to tell them they are just going to have to look for work and push back into it cuz I can't get employed and all these old hags have jobs. Its discrimination against 40 year olds. soon I will be 50. I have had this discrimination. they, whoever they are, govt or companies should punched for this ! their house needs fixing and i can't do it all alone or afford it all alone.

  • Work's everywhere,find it

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