Naaaasty Texting With Friend's Mom

Soooo I wanted to write a much longer post that explains how all this got started, but its kinda driving me crazy so gonna post the short version. I've been exchanging increasingly filthy text messages with my friend's mom. It started out relatively tame (a couple weeks ago), but it has just gotten crazier and crazier. I've wanted to fuck my friend's mom since I was probably 13 (almost 18 now). She is absolutely stunning, late 30's, PERFECT body, the tightest damn ass, just amazing. we've been texting back and forth more and more, and there's only so much I can take. I'm a pretty horny guy already (if I don't jack off like at LEAST once a day I can barely take it), and she's been making it 1000x worse by sending me things like:

"I don't want you to masturbate or cum until I tell you it's OK. You can squeeze your dick but nothing more than that. I want to see how big and full your balls can get. If I even begin to think that you've masturbated, I won't ever show you my pussy again (and I certainly would not do anything more in the future either). Hopefully I won't frustrate you too much in the meantime"

That was 3 days ago and right after she send me a picture of her spreading her legs and showing her thong, which was wet and basically showing her pussy (she's also sent me pics of her pussy, which is fucking perfect, totally smooth n shaved or waxed, jesus). Since then shes obvi been trying to drive me even crazier, with things like:

"Next time your dick is hard you should squeeze that big thick head of yours and see how much you can make it drip, then send me a pic. That would make me drool, and not just from my mouth. BUT DONT JACK IT"

So yeaaaah thats just some of it, I am absolutely losing my mind. I seriously think we're going to probably fuck soon which would be soooo unbelievable. I feel so guilty cuz he son is one of my best friends, but I feel like I would regret it forever if I dont keep going. I want to fuck her sooo bad, for days and weeks. Christ just trying no to jack it right now. Anyways, very frustrated, trying to decide what to do. Will try to post more detailed explanation later, peace.



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  • That's hot, bro. When I was growing up, I wanted to fuck most of my friends' moms, but never got as close as you are to being able to do it. Good luck, and keep us updated.

  • Stifflers Mom!

  • Awesome 😎 👏 oh man, let your drip meet her drool, and tell us all about it.

  • Definitely keep on doing what you are doing. She might end up being the best looking babe you'll ever fuck. You need to get with her when your friend is gone somewhere, hopefully for days or longer. Then the two of you can fuck for hours.

  • Yeah, just because she keeps you hanging don't keep us hanging....UPDATES

  • How goes it?

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