Ladies what do you do?

Ladies. your man or your boyfriend has friends or you have coworkers that hit on you behind your mans back what do honestly do?
You take it as a compliment cause he’s cute and it turned you on and say nothing ever?
You tell your man cause you don’t like him being around someone that calls himself a friend of your man and hits on you and cares nothing about your man as a friend just wants inside your pants?

You flirt back with him and hopefully get a chance with making out with him cause he’s hot and you hope the sex is the best?

a few girls I’vd dated all have one of the answers above. One actually told me it has never happened before( this was a true lie).
Just saying cause you can’t trust anyone with your girl these days. It’s all a game to all guys to get inside a good looking woman’s panties or try.

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  • Men are transparent and not that creative about it. I had an extremely brief affair with a male friend who hit on me at work. I could sense his interest easily. We were both curious, so we had intercourse once. I liked seeing and feeling him and vice versa. But that was it. The only reason I did it was because we were friends, and I had only been with one guy for 22 years, as I was married.

  • Would you fuck around again?

  • Just tell them to fuck off when they get too serious and we all know when that line is crossed.

  • I'd never cheat, but I'm married and have a few male friends, and attraction happens. I'm in my 30's, look younger, and to be honest compliments are nice. But I think most women can tell if a guy is just nicely flirting as opposed to a guy who wants to fuck you. There is a difference. If I sense that a guy says or does something with an ulterior motive, I don't play into it. If the guy is respectful and flirts in a way that moves beyond thinking about my tits and ass, I think it can be fun and innocent to flirt back. There is nothing wrong with flirting *within* boundaries.

  • Well given the numerous scenarios you have asked about the reactions are varied for sure.
    Anyone at work hitting on me after I have told him I am married and not interested will be in HR very soon. I know the difference between hitting on me and just joking around.
    I know all men have a one track mind and outside of work there are times I enjoy noticing that I am being looked at by them. I would never cheat on my husband but when I go to the beach wearing one of my bikinis that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination I cannot expect not to be looked at with lustful stares.

  • I mean do you think there is a guy that might make you lose it sexually? I don’t think it takes much for my wife when she’s drinking.
    She is missing something and I feel it but she would never admit any of it

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