Friend's daughter

So I was going out to this nightclub, and I usually don't go because I feel like I can't drink like I used to. I was standing in line when I looked over and seen this girl she was pretty hot probably 5'1 curvy, she had on a mini skirt with flowers all over it. The way the wind was blowing it pushed her dress between her asscheeks and you could see how round each cheek was, it left nothing to the imagination, you could tell she wasn't wearing panties. Honestly I was feeling really attracted to her, and I look to see what her face look's like and she pushed her brown hair away from her face and turned, I was shocked to realize it's my friend's daughter. I started to think about the last time I saw her and if she would recognize me and I started to realize she's only 16 years old how does she think she's going to get in. I figured the bouncer at the door was going to kick her out, but he didn't even check her ID he just waves her in. I kind of follow her in because I'm thinking about saying something to her I just don't know what, when I'm standing like three feet away and I hear her asking guys could you buy me a drink. When I think about it and ask myself I can't really buy her a drink can I ?. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know whether I should give her a hard time like I was going to do or get her a drink. Just then this guy came from almost across the room, he must have came 10 feet in like 3 seconds just to be standing next to her. He says " I'll buy you a drink", so I kind of look this guy up and down he's got short black hair slightly overweight. And he's starting to give off kind of a creepy perverted vibe, and seems by the look of him he hasn't had a girlfriend for many years. So he gets her a drink and takes her back to his table, later on that night he's been feeding her a drink after drink and she seems like she has a low tolerance, at the end of the night he says"do you need a ride home, can I take you somewhere" and they leave. The next day I see my friend at work and I try to steer the conversation towards his daughter, without giving too much away or making an awkward conversation. He says" she does great at school straight-A student, really good at sports, love's volleyball and cheerleading but can't decide which". And he gets quiet for a second and says "but she didn't come home last night". ...l "immediately" knew what happened... even though I wasn't there it was like all the evidence that I seen that night painted a picture. He probably took her back to his dirty apartment wasting no time going right for the bed flipping her over in doggystyle and fucking the shit out of her. I was kind of feeling sorry for her until I saw her come into the nightclub a couple of days later. And thought if she's asking for drinks she's probably enjoying it. I thought she's probably trading her ass for alcohol. She makes her way through the bar comes up to me, looks me right in the eye and says "would you buy me a drink"

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