Mardi Gras

Took my 46 year old wife to Mardi Gras 2018. She like me enjoyed all the beads and boobs one could see. There were many occasions where guys would ask to see her tits. Even heard guys mention she looks like she a nice rack in which she does for her age. She’s still very attractive but will open up after drinking. she’s always had a passion for sucking cock. That’s one thing she loves to do and never objects .
Our last night she was in a different mood and wanted to drink.i know she wanted to show her boobs and I tried to encourage her. When the night was just about over for us a younger female walked up to me and put my face on her nice perky tits which surprised me and wife. While almost to our hotel walking back, a group of young guys were walking towards us close to our hotel.
It was obvious they had been drinking when one of them suggested my wife show her boobs as they had lots of beads left. My wife thought why not we are right by our hotel when my wife pulls up her shirt and shows them. One of the younger guys cannot take his eyes off her tits and wants to touch them. When my wife denied one of the guys in the group tries to persuae us by saying it was his Birthday and he just turned eighteen. My wife proceeds to let him when another guy ask if they can touch. About that time wife tells the eighteen year old to show her something. He says as long as he can touch and suck them. He proceeds to pull out his cock and me and wife are shocked at his size. We both could not believe how huge he is.If this young kid would have been normal size I doubt it would not have mattered much to wife she could not take her eyes off it. It was soft when she grabbed it and started to touch and rub it. As he continued to touch and suck her tits she continued to rub his cock and then without any warning she starts sucking him off. Making every attempt to get his Cock in her mouth. It was obvious to me she wasn’t used to anything his size. As soon as his friends witness her sucking him they all start to cheer. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing
My shy wife was on her knees sucking off a young eighteen year olds cock. I didn’t know how long she would go but the moans she was making while sucking didn’t give us any indication she would stop soon. For a while she she was stroking his cock and sucking him at the same time. I knew Meredith got extremely aroused when we watched porn with guys with huge cocks. I would ask her if she would love to try sucking a much bigger cock as in the porn movies and she would always comment yes!!!!!
They look so huge and powerful
I think what made everything so hot was when the young guy grabbed the back of Merediths head and was forcing her to take it deep. I’m certain she wanted as much of his long cock as she could take.
After a few more minutes of her eagerly sucking on him he explodes and she tries hard to swallow as much of his cum as possible. After he’s finished cumming in her mouth he pulls out and I’m still starring at one of the biggest cocks i had ever seen. Everyone is finished cheering when she finally cleaning his cock clean. She gets up and tries to get her self back together. She wishes him happy birthday then She hurriedly starts walking to our part of the hotel and we slip inside.
Without saying anything we both immediately lock into a deep tongue kiss.
I can still smell the cum on her breath and the smell of his liquor on her tits. I immediately start to undress her when i insert a finger inside of her pusssy she is dripping wet.
That night was the most thrilling unexpected sexual experience we could have ever imagined. We talked about his huge big cock for months. She only wishes she could have discreetly taken him back to our hotel and enjoyed him inside of her.


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  • Women go crazy at Mardi Gras. My wife, who was 30 at the time, lost her mind. She got drunk on daquiris and the next thing I know, she and I are on the balcony and she jiggling those bare, big tits at everyone on Bourbon St. and loving every minute of it. She showed a guy her ass upon his request and then kissed another on he mouth. One guy walked up to her, took down his pants, and showed his huge dick. She smiled and mouthed, "That is a big cock!" She talked about it that whole night. It turned her on so much that we had sex for several hours that next morning and she brought it up several times. I wonder how her trip would have been had she been with a bunch of her girlfriends instead of me....

  • I love watching my wife sucking cock and she's sucked many, always swallows , after a few drinks she'll do any thing.

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