Trade off: giving him some too

I got married at 18, I'm 24 now, and I'm realizing that I'm really not into men at all. Having sex with my husband is a chore. I've been cheating on him with a female friend of mine, and we have sex usually 3x a week or so. I'm really falling in love with her also. My husband would be devastated if he knew that I was cheating.

My female friend is married too. I was at her place and we were having sex, when her husband came home early. He said that we could carry on, as long as he could join in. I said okay, if that was the way it had to be, so he fucked us both. I don't find him attractive, his dick is too big, but I didn't want to lose being with his wife/my friend.

The thing is that he's been joining in A LOT. I don't want him, I just want her. He's fucked me 8 times and I always end up not really liking it and sore afterwards. He also like to cum in my pussy, which I don't really care for. I wish he would just leave us alone, but my friend just says to roll with it. I can tell that she's not going to leave her husband, which crushes me, because I'd do anything to have her to myself.


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  • These two are in a terrific situation virtually having a little sex slave each

  • You're fucked. literally and figuratively. you're not right for either situation, are you. cut everyone loose in your life and start over. please don't fuck with anyone else, most people care, some don't but some really do

  • OH wow what a goose you are, they have you exactly where they want you, your just a slut for these two.

  • It's not what you want to hear, but it's time to move on. Get divorced, and get a new gf, one who is not married. Right now the dynamic is such a mess that no one in their right mind would want to be involved with you.

  • You said she's not leaving her husband for you. So what does that mean? You are getting played. Bi chicks are always tricky. I'd find a good lesbian and everything should be fine.

  • Normally, I try not to judge, but you're a piece of shit.

  • They are using you.. it’s pretty obvious she’s getting the best of both worlds.
    He’s getting the best of both worlds
    You are cold blooded cheating on your husband like this. Tell him what a whore you’ve been and move on. I would hate you if I were him. Especially if you don’t love him like you said.. quit wasting his time and maybe he can stop wondering why your sex life is the way it is.

  • You're being raped. Do something.

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