I want to be degraded (22F)

I've never really had kinky sex or anything, just watched videos, but my biggest fantasy is being used and degraded like a filthy little slut.

I love to imagine being surrounded by hard, horny guys, having every hole fucked at once while many more wait to use me. The thought of being called names while I get used makes me so wet.

I haven't really found a way to make this happen so it's pretty much a fantasy at this point.

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  • Run an ad in your local newspaper to find a guy in your area.

  • My wife, with me asking her started wearing tops that were more revealing. She was unsure about it at first, but found it to be a huge turn on. After finding places that she liked to go back to, and would show more each time,, she started asking what they might be thinking. So at times I would go back alone to see if any of them might start some kind of conversation about my wife. It took some time till one finally did. By now they knew I was ok with them checking her out, and looking to see what they could.
    One night in bed after a fun night out , she said she would have liked it if they at least started to feel her chest and take from there.
    After hearing this I went back and we talked a little and I asked them what outfit they liked the most? And told them of her desire to be taken, When I got home, I just told her that they love this one outfit the most knowing she would wear it again for them. Not telling her I told them about her desire to be taken. A short time later we went back and she had the outfit on.
    That night in a small out of the way convenience store, not a chain store, a one and only. My wife and I got her wish. They took my wife and dropped her dress and did all they could to her, until they had no more to give. They left her naked with cum all over her. She put her dress back on and we left.

  • Drop me a message belfastboy@protonmail.com we can make it happen

  • I love this post because it's exactly what I do. I am 19 years old and I have been used by several men at college parties. Nothing turns me on more then going into a room and have several men taking turns on me, calling me dirty names and using me for sex. I let them do anything they want to me and I love it when they cum all over me and inside me. I've done this at least 10 times so far and every single time has been amazing.

  • Happens in College at parties almost every weekend. Girls get gang banged performe circle sucks one nighters etc...
    Just get connected to a College party and your bound to see it or experience for yourself

  • Go to a frat party, fantasy fulfilled.

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