The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done

I realized I preferred women about a year after my husband died. I realized I was attracted to my daughter when she turned 14. By the time she was 16, I fantasized about her every day. I never acted on it, though, because that was still a boundary I wouldn’t cross back then.

I still had to do something to let off some steam, though. I started chatting with cam girls, doing roleplay shows with 18- and 19-year-olds who weren’t squicked out by horny middle-aged women who wanted them to roleplay as their 16-year-old daughter. It took the edge off, but after a couple months I only started craving her more.

I wound up chatting up girls (and more than a few guys posing as girls, yes) online, flirting at first, but later on trying to see if any of them were: (1) in my area, (2) actually girls, (3) in the right age range, and (4) willing to meet in person.

Eventually I found one girl who met all of my criteria, and we did indeed meet up for lunch. She was even younger than my daughter, and she was just as nervous as me. About a week after we had lunch together, we saw a movie together, and then I invited her back to my house.

My daughter was there, as I knew she’d be. When my date and I got there and I’d made introductions, she made herself scarce and retreated to her room, leaving me and the girl alone on the couch.

I could tell she was scared. She had NOT been expecting to actually meet a real horny mom in her early 40s, and had been expecting to be in her house (with her daughter not too far away) even less. I could sympathize; I was about to fuck a 14-year-old girl after all. I took the lead and took it slow and gentle. Once we started kissing, things went quickly, although she wanted to go to my bedroom before she took any of her clothes off. She was so shy and so self-conscious, but I didn’t mind. It just meant I got to hold and kiss and caress her that much longer before we had sex. And once THAT started, she was unstoppable and insatiable. I had no idea she had so much stamina. We went for hours, and the only thing she balked at initially was the strap-on, and even then she came around.

And, best of all, my daughter heard the whole thing.

The girl and I collapsed in a quivering, sweaty, post-orgasmic heap after hours of sex, and we slept the whole night. In the morning we showered together and had some more sex. I put her clothes in the wash and made her breakfast totally nude, which she ate at the table totally nude. My daughter came out of her room, saw us both, and tried her best to not react. I definitely egged her on by flirting with and kissing my new teen girl-toy right in front of her.

We had sex again (in my room, but with the door open) one more time while her clothes dried, and then we reluctantly got dressed so I could drive her home. It was well after noon, after all. When I got home, I could hear my daughter vibing herself in her room.

The girl and I saw each other regularly for a little more than a year after that, until her family had to move away. She’s married now (to a man), and they’re trying for a baby. My daughter and I never did wind up having sex (we’ve made out, but she doesn’t want to go beyond that or y’all about it), although I still fantasize about her.

It’s New Year’s Eve as I type this, and I’m about to pick up my current girl-toy and a friend of hers to spend the night with me.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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  • This is so hot it turned me on ,dont listen to others keep going enjoy it

  • You’re sick

  • Written by a guy. And no way is it true. Just some guys fantasy.

  • Why just the guys a Pedro?

  • Hot! but if you were a guy you'd be in jail for being a pedo..... so not so hot after all you twisted whore.

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