I like his friends to see me naked

I love to be seen nude,or topless .Im not a model,but I am attractive,small boobs,shaved pussy,small ass.
With that being said ,I love public nudity ,or showing my body off.
He loves that I do it for him,his favorite was at the mall,dressing room,curtains slightly open and ill be nude in there like im trying on clothes,and if a guy happens to notice,I get all excited,and give him a little show with him thinking I dont know he is there by trying things on,taking them off and so on .We have done this about 15 times or so,I still love it.Once his friends were over playing video games in the living room, I walked out of back room topless,went into kitchen ,got a Coke,and went back to where I was without even looking in their direction like nobody was there,I could feel the stares on my tits,I loved it.
I get nude in parks and parking garages too for him and for me. Im 22 and he is 22 and someday want to masturbate while his friends watch

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  • My Dick got hard reading this.

  • My virgin fiancée is like this. She likes to trip off her clothes on front of a window, wear short skirts without panties, leave the dressing room curtains slightly open, flash her pussy and ass at truckers, etc.

  • You sound so nice I hope there are a lot more girls like you xx

  • My virgin fiancée is one.

  • Love it. When I was 18 my buddies and I had a great lil girl that would come over and shave her pussy in front of us then masterbate for us all. Was so damn hot. I'd always drive her home and get a BJ for it. Miss her!

  • I wont cheat on my boyfriend,but ill show off for him.You got a BJ, thats great
    for the both of you, I would give my boyfriend a blowjob while his friends watch

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