Life as a hotwife

Hi I don't know just what Larry expected when he asked me to post something here but it was about the life we share.
I am considered a hot wife I guess you guys call it but if I were a man you would call me a stud I am sure .
I screw other men sure but that is what Larry asked me to do and what the hell I love sex and since he made sure that he really wanted to watch another man screw me I agreed.
Yes the first time I did it I was a nervous wreck but the guy was a dud and came really fast so I didn't have to suffer very long. I was surprised at how excited Larry was though as he quickly fucked me before I couldn't even clean up before he claimed me.
We talked a long time after my first guy and Larry convinced me to do it a second time and I was more confidant that time and I found that I actually enjoyed it very much
So to date we have experimented with me doing many men with several gang bangs and they are messy but I get a kick out of having several guys walking around me with hard cocks waiting for their turn and it makes me feel very powerfull knowing that I can cum many times but the men have to stop every time they get off and recharge their batteries. I have been screwed over 11 times in a row once before I had to stop to clean up but then I came back and tool on two more of the guys before they were completely used up. So who really is the he man here???

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  • So please tell me (us) how does it feel like to be fucked by eleven guys at one time?
    Is it something that makes you or your pussy want it like that more often?
    After and during could you describe what your pussy is feeling like?
    When I met my wife I got drunk and fucked her hot friend. in order for her to repay me and get over it she let two guys fuck her.
    We made up and I had her describe the feeling of two bigger cocks at the same time inside her feel like. She said she remembers the size alone was what made her glad she did it compared to they way I fucked her. My cock was much smaller, slid in a lot easier and could not reach or stretch the way those two guys did. She said they fucked all night and she enjoyed it and wished it lasted longer.
    She said they both knew how to use their clocks and they lasted what seemed like forever and them making her suck their cocks as they spoke nasty to her and forced her mouth onto their thick cock turned her on tremendously. She wondered why I never forced her face on my cock? She told me every guy she has ever blown has forced her mouth deep. I told her I didn’t out of respect. She also told me fucking had made her lusting for other strange cock from hot guys. She had many other one nighters after fucking those two young fireman . She loved how exciting sex with others made her feel and want it more

  • Hubs likes to watch me with others as well, I always insist on a condom though for safe sex.

  • I am on bith control ,

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