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They ran a train on my cousin I found her layef back with her legs spread open she was wearing nothing but heels and her skirt that was pushed up to her waist, she was passed out in that position there was cum literally around her I tried to wake her up but she just hummed at me and closed her legs and moved on her side she never woke up so I just covered her with a sheet I couldn't get the idea of her naked out of my mind or the way she was postioned when I found her, I think I might have sexually desires against my cousin now

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  • When I was 17 I went to a party and a girl got really drunk. She was a freshman and were were seniors. Four guys and I kept egging her on to drink more, to take hits from our joint, until she wasn’t able to walk. She started falling asleep in her seat and one of the guys lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder and started walking out of the party. The rest of us followed. He put her in his car, three guys and the girl laying across our laps in the back seat and him and another guy in the front seat, he said he’s got first dibs on her since he took her from the party, none of us complained. In the back seat she was laid out across our three laps and our hands were all over her and undressing her. She was naked in no time, legs spread, and being fingered and groped by all of us. Her head was in my lap and I put my cock in her mouth and moved her head around. We came to a stop, we got out of the car and left her in the back seat. The driver was going first, he went down on her, then had sex with her lifeless drunk body. She bled, we figured she was a virgin. Then one after another each of us took a turn. I’m not sure if anyone else went from vagina to anal but I did, and finished in her butt. The way back was quiet, I think we all realized what we had done, and the consequences. We had managed to get her clothes back on but the driver kept her panties and put them on his rear view mirror. He was less concerned than the rest of us. In the back seat we still felt her up a bit, but it was much more calm. I remember her head was in my lap and I just ran my fingers through her hair to comfort her. The driver pulled her out of the backseat, carried her to the side of the house where the party was, he laid her down and we left. I spoke to her months later and was so attracted to her, I asked her out, I wanted to have sex with her again properly. We had sex a few times and she told me she was going to count me as her first because her real first experience didn’t count.

  • Next time, go first...Anytime I've shared my hot older sister, I'm first on her. Then the other guy or guys have at her. If we're at my house, I take "owner privelge" and they know..He's first to have her.

  • You should have walked over to her lying in bed. Pull out your cock and proceed to fuck her. I for one know the hottest feeling of a wet used pussy is the best feeling ever. She probably was ready for more cock. If your cousin is that slutty why would you worry how she feels about you making a move.
    Tell us more about how it started.

  • One more wouldn't have hurt none.

  • You should of fucked her then

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