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I'm 21 and have been seeing this guy who is 20. He was a virgin when we met. He's really shy and sweet and I love him, and I started slowly with him with regard to sex, as he was inexperienced. The first time we had sex I rode him and within maybe 30 seconds I could feel him spasm and fill me up. It was his first time feeling pussy, so I thought it was cute, gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, and figured he would last longer with more practice.

Well, we've been having sex nearly daily, sometimes 2-3 times daily, and he still can't seem to last more than a couple of minutes at most before he pops. We've tried different positions, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. He orgasms so quickly that I have yet to be able to have an orgasm myself when we are screwing. The only way I've been able to get off from him is when he gives me oral, which he does pretty well btw.

For guys who have dealt with premature ejaculation, how did you overcome it? I'd like to give my boyfriend some tips to help him last longer, because I want to be able to get off from his cock, but he doesn't last long enough.

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  • He should jack off a few hours before sex and he should stop thinking how great pussy is while doing the act. Think of anything else

  • An old girlfriend made me wear 2 condoms. I'd last forever. During her period she'd let me go bareback, felt like I was in heaven -- but wouldn't last long.
    I would think of this old fat lady at work who hit on me during bareback sex -- that helped going longer.

  • I too have this embarrassing problem, but I think the reason why my wife married me is I make up for it with my mouth. She loves the feeling of being licked after sex

  • In my case it was the same. Just thrusting my penis inside the pussy and half way in I cum. Even having sex after masturbation earlier to sex also didnot help. To overcome the shame I had to practice all type of pre sex play but sometimes that too make my cock too ripe that just the touching the pussy tip becomes too much sensitive that I have my cum before entering the pussy. Tried delay the pre mature ejaculation by applying cream and oil which just gave some 30 seconds time i.e. three or four thrusts and I am finished with cumming.
    Then tried massaging my girl all over her body and applying the cream gave time to subside the tendency to cum. Then strongly catching hold the stem of the cock give some penetrating thrusts and when sensing the about cum feeling just retreats and engage in boob squeezing or body massaging to take off the thought of vaginal sex and its excitement. Slowly developing such attitude and working around, now I am able to last around 3 to 5 minutes. Still trying to increase the time of sex through practice.

  • It won’t work. You have been and will always be a 3 minute man. She will go find a man that can last.

  • So how about an update darling, has any of the suggestions been helpful ?

  • I put on a condom to last long, then take it off at the right time. Couple beers helps too. Could even put 2 condoms on. Also make believe I'm doing it with a very unattractive girl, but that stopped working when my unattractive neighbor gave me sex benefits. She was the best.

  • My wife has admitted to me she has hooked up with some really hot guys who were huge. Though it felt really really satisfying to be stretched or fucked deeply by these guys. She quickly noticed that some of those guys could last last o more than 2-3 minutes.
    When I asked her if that was true about blacks guys having stamina and big cocks she admitted it was definitely true.
    She decided to try black guys cause her friends would make comments that they were FWB and they hooked up when they need cane up. My wife found herself doing the same thing

  • Look darling he is never going to get any better so if you love him talk to him about getting a well hung jockey on the job for you, he can go for a walk whenever your stud comes over

  • Every time he cums too quick for you give him a giant kick in the balls then make him satisfy you by tongue

  • You need an older man like me. I’m a 60 minute guy and won’t cum till you ask me to.

  • Numbing cream or spray will help to ease the sensations that he’s feeling (not that enjoyable for him), will make him last longer

  • Make sure he masturbates quite a lot, give him heaps of blow jobs and if he is coming too quickly squeeze his prick real hard to hold his cum in, will not be long and he will be able to perform for you darling
    All the best

  • Pleasure is for men only. keep him happy whore

  • Oh, no, the modern woman gets her pleasure, too.

  • Give him an orgasm first then get him hard again and over time he will learn to control his orgasms better to give you more pleasure. Worked great for me in my early years because it did not help being married to a really gorgeous woman, turned me on just seeing her naked

  • His youth and inexperience is working against him for a long performance at the moment. He can try applying desensitizing creme (sold over the counter ) and wear a condom. As previously said jack off or blow him to completion an hour or so prior and slow him the heck down if he's hittin it fast. Hang in there with him a while on this.
    Keep at the daily pace your doing now and in time he will be able to start lasting. Good luck !

  • Have him wear a condom or 2

  • Have him try Trojan extended pleasure climax controlled condoms

  • Tell him to slow down, he is screwing like a rabbit and is probably going at the speed of light. He needs to take control of himself . I used to have the same problem but was able to slow things down in my own head first then and only then was I able to have great sex.

  • I rarely get to enter my wife... You'll understand why in a moment. Last time we were going to go all the way, I was fingering my wife and really enjoying the moans i was causing her to make. She had a couple really good orgasms when I made a mess on the sheets. I even disappointed myself that day.

    Point is, don't ask me.

    I'm just glad she hasn't dumped me. She says my accidents make her feel sexy.

  • Have him masturbate for long time without ejaculating for a while; like an hour. Make him “edge” himself so that he learns to control his ejaculation. Cannabis also helps

  • Unfortunately for my wife, I am the same way. There have been times when I started cumming inside her on the first stroke but usually within 2 or 3 minutes I am cumming. Like your boyfriend, I always give my wife oral and she usually has a couple of orgasms before I put my cock inside her. Have you tried blowing him or jerking him off first? Maybe he will last a bit longer the second time around.

  • It might be his inexperience and it will resolve itself as time goes on. If you don't have money to see a doctor I'd look into different types of lubes and condoms. I think there are some out there that help guys last longer. Also, tell him to slow down and stop if he's getting too close.

  • Have him snort a couple lines of meth. He can probably fuck for hours without getting a nut. Or, he can go see a Dr, who can prescribe meds to keep him from busting so quickly. Or, you can get him a strap-on dong, that will stay hard forever. Or, you can just swap him off for a real man who has a little control of his equipment.

  • You’re so shitty for saying that

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