Sunday Sauna

I spent a few days at a resort a while back, and was hanging alone in the sauna really, really early on a Sunday morning when most people were still asleep. It was a public coed sauna, the rules were that you had to be covered, but you could still just wear a towel. No open nudity allowed.

Eventually an older guy came in, he was maybe mid 40's (I'm 25) and handsome, and we chatted for about 30 min when I mentioned I could see his cock under his towel, his legs were apart. We started flirting thereafter, he mentioned he was single (he wasn't wearing a ring either), and eventually he talked me into giving him head, which I did. I hadn't been with a guy in several months and was craving it.

We also agreed to a quickie fuck and we were going at it when a younger guy came into the sauna. I stopped and covered up, afraid to get busted, but my older friend just said, "Don't worry, it's cool, he's with me." That calmed me down, and we resumed screwing. The young guy watching was stroking his dick, and after a while he developed the nerve to ask politely if he could join. He was really shy and sweet. I asked if he was 18 or older and he nodded yes, and I waved him over. I gave him head, and fucked him too. We had a nice spit roast and we all got off. When I got back to my room I told my friend about what went down and she just laughed her ass off, saying "that's why you are glowing."

Later that day my friend and I were going out to lunch and we saw the two guys that I fucked earlier packing their car and getting ready to leave the resort. The thing was that there was an older woman there too (looked 40s) as well as a younger girl, maybe early teens. It occurred to me that they were a family. It was odd, because the older guy said he wasn't married. He also never told me that the younger guy was his son, but that looked like the case. I damn near fainted at the reality of getting tag teamed by a father/son. It was weird and surreal. I felt a little betrayed too, but we did have an awesome time.

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  • Did you enjoy it? Want it to happen again if you ran into them?

  • OP here, wasn't sure this was ever going to get posted, since it takes forever.

    Did I enjoy it? Oh my, yes. I hadn't had sex in months. Would I do it again? No. I felt lied to and I'm not into screwing married men.

  • Awesome

  • Damn. Hot and slutty.

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