Black friday deal

So we went to my aunt's house for thanksgiving this year. She wanted to have it at 2pm. We got back home around 7pm. It dawned on me that a few places did black friday deals but on thanksgiving night. So I told the wife I was gonna go see if I could get some xmas shopping done.

I went to walmart. I got a few items and I was headed to the clothing section. On my way, I turned the corner to go down an isle and ran into Eric. Eric is a gay lover of mine. He used to live next door to me until I moved across town. I'm bisexual and my wife doesnt know. We do have sex but not very often. I do masturbate but sometimes a guy just needs to have sex. Eric and I get along great. We have been having sex for 6 years now. I dont know that I could ever love a man emotionally, but Eric is definitely the closest I've ever been with another man.

He had his back to me. He had on a Yankees Jersey that I've seen on him many times. I yelled out, "Yankees fucking blow. Shittiest team ever." He turned around with a mad look and saw me. He and I haven't been together for about 5 months now. Just because of the location change and opposite work schedules. He turned around, saw me and walked up and kissed me on the lips. Like full on making out. I stopped him after a few minutes and said, "Easy. My brother is here with me." He said, "Cool. I'm down for a threesome." I said, "With my brother?" He said, "Sure? Why not?" I said, "I dont know that I could suck my brothers dick." He said, "Yeah that may be an awkward proposal. So what have you been up to?" I said, "Just working." He said, "Not what I meant. What have you been feeding this guy?" And he grabbed my cock. I said, "Pussy. Not very often but pussy." He said, "You haven't been with an men?" I said, "Nope." He said, "That's not the mike I know." I said, "I'd never cheat on you, baby. You know I love you." He said, "You do?" I said, "Of course I do. You know more about pleasing me than Lisa does." He said, "Like this spot?" He started kissing the back of my neck. Instantly makes me horny. He kept doing it and reached into my pants and slowly fondled my cock. Right in the part food isle. I said, "Yep. That's the spot."

He said, "You wanna come home with me?" I said, "Cant. Brother drove me." He said, "Tell him I'm gonna take you home." I said, "How is that? Hey bro. I ran into my gay lover and we really want to go back to his house so he can fuck me." He said, "Yep. Exactly like that." I said, "Baby. Cant do it." He said, "Fine. Dressing room then." I said, "What?" He said, "Trust me. Come on."

We went to the dressing rooms. He grabbed some pants and a few shirts. We walked up and he told the attendant he wanted to try them on. She told him which room to go in. I went to follow him and she said, "Sorry. Only one person at a time." Eric said, "So two women can go in and it's all good. Two guys wanna go in and it's a problem. That's sexist. Let me speak to the manager!" She said, "Ok. You are right. I'm sorry. It IS sexist. Go ahead."

We went to the very last dressing room. We closed the door and started stripping each other naked. He got on his knees and started sucking my cock. He said, "I've wanted to suck this gorgeous big dick for months now." I had my hands on his head. I said, "I mean. It's not big. Its 5 inches." He pinched my nipple and said, "Shut your mouth. It's perfect. Not too thin. Not too thick. It could be bigger but bigger isn't better. You and I are the same size. Would you want me bigger?" I said, "Yours IS perfect. I do miss getting fucked by you. Bigger would split me open."

He continued to suck me off. He knows once I cum, it's over so he stopped. He stood up and we made out again. We both stroked each others cock. I got on my knees and sucked his cock. I got him damn close to cumming then stopped and said, "I'd love to swallow but I want you inside me." I bent over and he slid his cock into my ass. He couldn't contain himself. He started to pound my ass. It had been too long since we've had sex. It only took a few minutes before he was ready to cum and he called out, "I'm gonna cum baby." I said, "Go ahead and cum daddy. Cum inside me." He said, "Really?!?" I had never let him cum in my ass before. He always pulled out and shot it all over my back or face or I'd swallow. I said, "Yes daddy. Cum inside me."

I could feel his cock throb and then he emptied his load inside me. I was bent over the bench. Both hands on it and one leg on the bench and one on the floor. I had been stroking my cock as he fucked me. I flipped to laying on my back. He put us in a 69 position and started sucking my cock. I knew he wouldn't be able to keep it hard but I started sucking his cock too. I wouldn't last long. He's a master at sucking cock. His cock did soften but around the time I came in his mouth, his dick got harder again. I came in his mouth and he was now hard again.

He never did like to quit after I cum. He'd suck it till it got hard again. Even though he knows I get super sensitive after an orgasm. He still sucks. To the point I want to rip off my own skin. But then I start liking it again. He's given me a blowjob for 20 minutes after I cum just to get me a second nut. Because he knows I have another to give. Because he knows my wife doesn't fuck me enough. Because he knows that I'll cum back for more.

So there we were. In the dressing room 69ing on the bench. Both of us hard again. Cum oozing from my asshole. We both cum together. Both of us swallow.

We finish and get dressed. We both walk out. My brother finally finds me. He says, "What the hell have you been doing? I've been looking for you for almost an hour." I said, "Ran into a friend. Was catching up with him."

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